Friday, December 12, 2014

Craft a Christmas Sweater!

“All I want for Christmas is GLUE!” was the theme for a Christmas sweater crafted by one of our own team members at GlueArts. We have quite the selection of glue…so what better materials to use than our own?

Here’s a quick rundown on how our glue was used on the sweater:

·         Glue pellets were bonded using Adhesive Squares patches=INSTANT SNOW!
·         Glue pillows were transformed into presents under the tree
·         Christmas tree (an artificial turf sample from one of our customers) was bonded with hot glue
·         Snowman crafted from melted pools of hot glue
·         Stockings holding “peppermint sticks” (glue sticks wrapped with electrical tape) were hot glued
·         Hot glue blobs created falling snow
·         Words were spelled with glitter glue

Phew…that is a lot of glue! Now we want to know how you’ve used our glue for any Christmas projects. Will you be making your own sweater? Tell us all about it!   

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