Thursday, January 2, 2014

GlueArts Announces New Cartridges for 2014


A new year means a new look! GlueArts®, an award-winning manufacturer of industrial-strength adhesives for creative solutions, is rolling out all-new cartridge colors for its GlueGlider PRO+™ adhesive system. These color coded cartridges offer retailers and customers adhesives in different tack levels and patterns for various uses:
  • Purple cartridges include 40 feet of PermaTac adhesive in small segments that allow for reduced usage and waste. PermaTac is a permanent adhesive great for general purpose use.
  • Pink cartridges offer 58 feet of our new ValueTac adhesive, which is 45% more double-sided adhesive than other cartridges! ValueTac is a semi-permanent adhesive with a dot pattern that allows for easy coverage of the entire substrate. It works great for embellishments and grunge board.
  • Green cartridges provide 40 feet of Repositionable adhesive segments for items that need to be removed and repositioned.
  • Red cartridges include 40 feet of ExtremeTac adhesive that is excellent for difficult-to-bond surfaces. Its extreme level of permanent adhesion makes it suitable for canvas, fabrics and altered art.
The new multi-directional cartridges are for use with the GlueGlider PRO+™ handle, which is portable and easy to use for quick application of adhesive. The PRO+ also provides safer application versus traditional hot glue guns and glue sticks.
The GlueGlider PRO+™ adhesive system is ideal for use beyond the craft industry, providing solutions for the office as well as the educational and DIY markets.
For more information on the GlueGlider PRO+™, visit the FAQ section on our GlueArts® website.

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