Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Newspaper Roses

Let's many of you recycle?

How many of you recycle newspapers?

Did you know that almost 40% of our total waste comes from newspapers and paperboard? Stats show in 1989 only 35% of newspapers were recycled where today that rate has jumped to well over 73%. Truth be told....we still need that number to grow!

Recycling newspapers has become much more common in our households as many of us have recycling integrated with our weekly trash pick up. Schools have easy to locate drop off bins and we as a society are more aware of the need to recycle.

Today's craft by Designer Linda Albrect not only re-uses an object from her recycles newspaper in a fun, dare we say beautiful new way!

"Newspaper Roses"
Designer: Linda Albrecht

Adding a touch of spring to a home decor item is as easy as cutting up a newspaper. I've made similar roses before using a die cut machine, but these roses look just as good and you don't need a special machine.

Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun and sticks
Glue Arts 3/8" Double Sided Adhesive Squares
Pencil for drawing
Glimmer Mist

Hand draw a spiral on newspaper print with a pencil (the marker used in the photos was for easy viewing of the pattern.) My paper was about 7" square, but you can adjust this to the size you desire for the roses. Once you make one you will easily be able to adjust the pattern.

Use a scissors to hand cut near the line of the spiral. I like to make my cutting a bit wavy when cutting. You can do the same, just stay near the line.
Begin to roll the spiral starting at the outside end then continue to roll until you reach the center end.
Once completely rolled place the rose down petal side up. When you let go of it the rolls will begin to loosely unwind.
Once the rose is the size that you want it to be you can flip it over and place an Adhesive Square at the center of the back trying not to attach the very end at this point.
Turn the rose over again to make sure the rose is the size you want. You can tighten it more or loosen it more by twisting the coiling the way desired. Attach the end of the spiral to the Adhesive Square once you are done.

Use Glimmer Mist to color the flowers and while the newspaper is still damp use your fingers to curl and shape some of the "petals".
Once the Glimmer Mist is dry on the roses use them to decorate for spring using the Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun. You can also use the Adhesive Squares to adhere the roses to home decor items if you want a temporary embellishment.
Make sure to make these roses for gift packaging, corsages, and other paper projects too.

We're down to our final two days of our Recycle, Reuse & Repurpose Challenge! Be sure to email your entries to by this Friday, March 18th. All details regarding the challenge can be found here! 

We hope you'll join us and craft with a purpose!! (and well the prize package is pretty fantastic too!)


  1. Recycling is near and dear to my heart, and I LOVE upcycling old junk into something fabulous. So this, Linda, is right up my alley. And totally gorgeous, too. I am SO trying this!
    Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. Great tutorial and lovin' the flowers :)

  3. Don't forget to spray the newspaper with archival mist if it is going in an album or near pictures, or if you don't spray it with glimmer mist...don't want them to yellow/ruin photos! Nice way to reuse newspaper.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! They are so pretty!

  5. love this idea! beautiful flowers.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial.This would be a great idea for wedding favors or decorations.

  7. These flowers are fabulous! I can't believe that I have loved "newsprint" stamps and paper for so long and never thought to actually use newspaper for crafting :) Just a little dense I suppose. Thanks for the great tutorial and the reminder that everyday things can be recycled!

  8. How beautiful. I hope that I'm able to do it, too. I'm not too sure about attaching the glue square....If I understand which side to put it on....

  9. I haave been wanting directions for these roses that I keep seeing everywhere. Love them, very cute. Thanks so much for the directions.

  10. Love this technique. Any way to post a video
    as I tend to be a bit craft challenged and not
    sure about the end with the adhesive and such! :)

  11. I love the technique. A great idea and something anyone can do....Thanks....

  12. I've seen flowers with this technique before, but never with newspaper. How ingenious! I love how they turned out. Could also do this with pages from an old book. Love this idea, will definatly use this one! TFS!

  13. I have made these out of patterned paper but what a clever idea out of newspaper!!! Love this! TFS

  14. I made one of these roses, I made a small one and put it on a scrapbook page it came out soooo cute!! Thanks for the directions!

  15. Beautiful roses and Linda is such a wonderful artist!

    Elaine Allen

  16. First time visitor:) I love the idea, looks very easy to make them. Thank you for the tutorial!