Friday, March 18, 2011

GlueKids Spring Flowerpot Pals

We're excited today to kick off our first official GlueArts GlueKids Craft!

We realize that not only are our fans avid crafters looking for new ideas, but many of your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews are too! We hope to continue to offer to you fun and creative ideas that use our GlueKids friendly products!

Today we're kicking it off with a spring inspired craft idea that is perfectly timed with Easter on the horizon!! These can be easily adapted for other holidays and themes!! Designer Patti Milazzo is the inventive creator behind today's fun Kids Craft!

Glue Kids’ Craft - Spring Flowerpot Pals

Designer: Patti Milazzo

This simple kids’ craft project was inspired by the clay pot dolls that I used to make for craft fairs many years ago. Kids love that they can create virtually any animal that they can imagine. And with Glue Arts’ Extreme Tac Adhesive Squares it’s a breeze for small hands to put together their creations safely and with very little mess. 


Glue Arts:
Extreme Tac Adhesive Squares
Extreme Tac Mini Squares

Other materials: clay pots (2.5” – 3” diameter), wooden doll heads (2” – 3” round; a flat side with a hole), acrylic paint, feathers, felt, buttons, wiggle eyes, pom poms and ribbon 

1. Paint the clay pots and doll heads with acrylic paint – chick: light yellow; lamb: white (body) and tan (head); bunny - tan. I recommend 2 coats since the clay pots are very absorbent. To make painting the doll heads easier, insert the end of a paintbrush to fit snuggly into the hold of the doll head; then paint the head while holding the brush. Position the paintbrush to stand up when the head is drying. Let the clay pots and heads dry thoroughly. If you want to add a blush to the animals’ cheeks, apply powdered blush make-up with a cotton swab.
2. With a stiff bristle paint brush or an old toothbrush, fleck the above pieces with coordinating paint – chick: darker yellow; lamb: gray; bunny: tan - to give the pieces a speckled look. Finish with a light coat of clear acrylic spray to seal the paint if you wish and let dry.
3. In the meantime, prepare the embellishments for each animal using felt, wiggle eyes, feathers, buttons, pom poms or whatever accent pieces they wish to use on their animal. We used felt to cut ears and noses; baby batting for the lamb’s head; and feathers for the chick.
Tip: While the kids are prepping their embellishments, I cut small strips or individual squares from the large rolls of Extreme Tac Adhesive Squares. I find that it makes it much easier for my kids to use this adhesive without fussing with the rolls they’re packaged on. I place the cut pieces on parchment paper to prevent them from sticking to the surface and then my children can take what they need and be more exact when they apply the adhesive without getting tangled up in the larger rolls. 
4. Once the clay pots and heads are dry, apply the Glue Arts Extreme Tac Adhesive Squares to the flat side of the wooden doll head and attach it to the clay pot body.

Note: For the chick, the wing feathers can be attached first before positioning the head.
5. Next, continue to use the Apply Glue Arts Extreme Tac Adhesive Squares (regular and mini) to attach these embellishments to the animals. The Extreme Tac Mini Squares are perfect for the small wiggle eyes, beaks and noses as well as any other small embellishments. Tie on ribbon to complete.
6. That’s it! They can welcome spring with their cheery Flowerpot Pal craft - Enjoy!

So tell us....who will you kids craft with? We'd love to hear from you and also if you have any projects or wishes you would like to see us incorporate for Kids Crafts!!

Just a reminder that today is the final day to get your Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose project in! We've already received some amazing submissions!

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  1. How fun for kids (and kids at heart)!!!

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  8. Those are so dang cute! I would make them, and I haven't been a kid for more than 40 years.

  9. Adorable! I have the pots, the paints, the felt to make embellishments.....Everything but great adhesive.....But.going to create with the grandson anyway this weekend and see if we can make some fun pot critters! Thanks for the ideas.

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