Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fabric Flowers!!


It seems everywhere you look flowers are in fashion!

Flower necklaces, fabric flower additions to tops and shirts and for of course flowers in your hair!

We wanted to take something with us to CHA that used our new Fabric Bond and also gave our attendees something to remember us by. We just wish we could of made more given how popular they were!

So here's a step by step tutorial for you to recreate the flowers.

Fabric Flowers
Designer: Julia Sandvoss


Glue Arts Fabric Bond
Pin or Hair Clip
Needle and Thread
Tulle or net
Imaginisce I-top
Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Using the flower template, 

cut out six flowers in assorted fabrics or colors. Depending upon how full you would like the could add more layers (right click on the flower template. Chose "Save As" and reopen in a print program and resize as needed)

Step 2: Select two flowers that will be the bottom flower layer. Add some Fabric Bond to one layer and press together. You can heat this with an iron on a low setting for a complete bond.

Step 3:  Thread your needle with a fun thread color and stitch through the center of the two bottom flower layers.

Step 4: Next fold the remaining flowers in half than then in half one more time.

Step 5: Sew the corner of the four flowers to the center of the base blue flowers.  

Step 6: Cut 2 circles of coordinating tulle. Here it looks great to use the same technique of folding the tulle and  sewing it over one of the fabrics or leave it as a circle and sew it in the center allowing it to layer over all the flowers.

 Step 7: Cut a small circle of felt and sew that to the center.  Next cut a square of fabric...use your Imaginisce I-top to make a fabric button. Or use a fun button of your own or even a brad!

Step 8: Adhere the button. Then cut a circle out of felt for the backing. If you're going to use a pin back, go ahead and sew that onto the felt. For a clip back you will need a small strip of fabric or felt that you will sew across the bottom pin clip.  

Step 9: Last carefully sew the felt backing through the bottom two layers of the flower to secure the backing to the flower. And you're ready to wear one sweet flower in your hair, on your clothes or even clipped to a necklace! 

A few tips:  Some of the petals you may prefer to stitch down to the felt to hold them in a certain spot. If so use a small, discreet stitch through the flower and the felt base. You can add a bit of detail to the flowers by including some beads, pearls or buttons to the centers. Just use a thread and needle to stitch them to the flowers. Once you have made the flower consider adding ribbon leaves. Simply take a short length of ribbon about 3 inches long. Fold in half and gather at the cut end. Stitch the cut end onto the backside of the felt base. Or use felt leaves as shown. 

These flowers are perfect for not only your clothes, but your hair, bracelets, necklaces, purses, home d├ęcor and more! You can also pin these to a skirt...cardigan and if you want to get really creative....after making a few...back them on a larger piece of felt and attach jump rings and chain to make a necklace!


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  1. What a great tutorial! Would love to add these to a bag to carry. Thanks for sharing and Glue Arts rocks that is for sure.

  2. those are adorable. Thanks for sharing how to make them.

  3. Too cute! These flowers are just adorable, great job with the tutorial - thanks!

  4. beautiful flower, so simple and easy to make. Just glue arts it!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, and I sent another e-mail to the new address.