Friday, December 12, 2014

Craft a Christmas Sweater!

“All I want for Christmas is GLUE!” was the theme for a Christmas sweater crafted by one of our own team members at GlueArts. We have quite the selection of glue…so what better materials to use than our own?

Here’s a quick rundown on how our glue was used on the sweater:

·         Glue pellets were bonded using Adhesive Squares patches=INSTANT SNOW!
·         Glue pillows were transformed into presents under the tree
·         Christmas tree (an artificial turf sample from one of our customers) was bonded with hot glue
·         Snowman crafted from melted pools of hot glue
·         Stockings holding “peppermint sticks” (glue sticks wrapped with electrical tape) were hot glued
·         Hot glue blobs created falling snow
·         Words were spelled with glitter glue

Phew…that is a lot of glue! Now we want to know how you’ve used our glue for any Christmas projects. Will you be making your own sweater? Tell us all about it!   

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GlueArts Goes Back to HSN

GREAT NEWS - GlueArts returns to HSN tomorrow!

We will be featured at two different times - the 4:00 am hour (wow, that’s early!) and during the 1:00-200 pm time slot. Both times are EST. 
Megan Elizabeth will be demonstrating creative craft ideas and describing two great bundles.

We hope you are looking as forward to this as we are!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

GlueArts Announces New Cartridges for 2014


A new year means a new look! GlueArts®, an award-winning manufacturer of industrial-strength adhesives for creative solutions, is rolling out all-new cartridge colors for its GlueGlider PRO+™ adhesive system. These color coded cartridges offer retailers and customers adhesives in different tack levels and patterns for various uses:
  • Purple cartridges include 40 feet of PermaTac adhesive in small segments that allow for reduced usage and waste. PermaTac is a permanent adhesive great for general purpose use.
  • Pink cartridges offer 58 feet of our new ValueTac adhesive, which is 45% more double-sided adhesive than other cartridges! ValueTac is a semi-permanent adhesive with a dot pattern that allows for easy coverage of the entire substrate. It works great for embellishments and grunge board.
  • Green cartridges provide 40 feet of Repositionable adhesive segments for items that need to be removed and repositioned.
  • Red cartridges include 40 feet of ExtremeTac adhesive that is excellent for difficult-to-bond surfaces. Its extreme level of permanent adhesion makes it suitable for canvas, fabrics and altered art.
The new multi-directional cartridges are for use with the GlueGlider PRO+™ handle, which is portable and easy to use for quick application of adhesive. The PRO+ also provides safer application versus traditional hot glue guns and glue sticks.
The GlueGlider PRO+™ adhesive system is ideal for use beyond the craft industry, providing solutions for the office as well as the educational and DIY markets.
For more information on the GlueGlider PRO+™, visit the FAQ section on our GlueArts® website.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What the Pro+ Can Do!

See what all the GlueGlider Pro+ is capable of!

Check out Megan Elizabeth's newest video for the GlueGlider Pro+ here!

Thank you Megan Elizabeth for this excellent demonstration!