Monday, August 6, 2012

We're Crazy About Adhesive Squares!

This week we're highlighting our Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots. Available in Permatac and Extremetac tack levels ranging from 300ct to 1000ct rolls.

Around the office we have come up with some uses for these amazing little squares of permanent adhesive (not just for the scrapbooking and crafting world).

Sticking down loose rugs
Hanging posters in the kid's room
Celebration decorating with balloons/banners on the wall
Repairing sandals (flip-flops)
Gift basket assembly
Canvas art
Jewelry making/repair
...and many more!

Have you tried these yet? Leave a comment below with great ways you've used our Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots.


  1. Adhesive squares are great for hanging a small notepad (like a Post-It pad) on the dash of my car! You can even adhere a small tube of cardstock to hold a pen near the pad.

  2. I have used Adhesive Squares for all sorts of things around my house.....hanging signs on bedroom doors....hanging paper chains around my kitchen at Christmas time...handing ornaments on my windows....

  3. I've never tried them but if they fix all those things they must be super sticky!! Hopefully I will be able to place an order one of these days and try 'em out!

  4. I love the adhesive squares. You can use them for anything. It holds the glass in place on the island in the kitchen. My husband has used them in his workshop to hold items.

  5. For the front of a hat to hold a decoration. Hanging vines around a basket or doorframe. Curtains (temporarily) hung.
    Tons of things! Great stuff!

  6. I love them, I have used them to repair some crafty tools.

  7. I love my dots! I was totally in love with the squares (fixed my daughter's sandals; the sole was coming up and the straps coming glue gun didn't work at all, but my Glue Arts adhesive squares did the trick!) I now own the dots too. My daily calendar came loose and a GA dot was all I the extreme strength of your products. I have owned so many different types of adhesives for various reasons over the past twelve years that I have been crafting, and Glue Arts products are my favorite. THANK YOU for making perfect adhesive.

  8. So far I've just used them in my paper crafting. They have a place of honor on my desk because I turn to them whenever I need something to stay stuck. They always do the job. I like to use burlap on my cards and these squares really hold that burlap on well, and it isn't the easiest stuff to stick down or stick things to.