Friday, August 17, 2012

The Need to Know on the GlueGlider PRO

Recently, you may have noticed our GlueGlider PRO cartridges come in a variety of colors. So you ask, what is the difference? Glide-ability!

Our new purple PRO+ cartridge refill has been engineered with an enhanced glide-ability mechanism, allowing for a quicker and easier adhesive experience. Don't let this cosmetic change discourage you, all colors of the GlueGlider PRO cartridge refills are designed to fit the same original gun handle.

You can find the new purple PRO+ cartridge at select retail locations as well as Although we no longer manufacture the original pink PRO cartridge, you can still purchase the pink and green cartridge refills at most local retail locations. Click to view a list of some of our online and storefront retailers.

Comment below if you would like more information on this week's PRO topic.


  1. i have a question about your repositionable tape. Does it become permanent, or is it just repositionable??

    1. Great question! The product is for sure repositionable, however on some substrates (over time and with applied pressure)it does have a possibility to become permanent. We would recommend using a permanent adhesive after a repositionable placement has been made. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  2. Hi, I recently bought your Glue Glider Pro kit. Can you explain when and why to use the different types of glue and how to dispense and apply the glues as mine always get out of control (can't keep it in a straight line), I get tons of the glue reel out of the glue dispenser but not on my project, etc. This happens with all glue dispensers I use from very small to larger size dispensers like yours so I know it's me and not the equipment. Does it matter that I am left-handed? Looking so forward to your answers.
    Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    1. Tina, thank you for contacting us. We really dove into your comment to find the best solution for you. I can for sure say that being left-handed should not be an issue with the GlueGlider PRO. It has been field tested with both right and left handed users. One thing to think about would be how the PRO handle is placed on the flat surface. If it angles as you are pulling back, this would make the glue release from the liner, but not lay flat on the surface. As you're using the PRO, be sure to keep the front roller flat to the surface and hold the gun at a 45 degree angle with a fluid motion. If this solution doesn't solve the issue, is it possible for you to send a small video clip or photograph of how you're holding and applying? You can send that to
      For when and why to use the different types of adhesive, please download our cartridge chart from our website.