Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafting Away with Craft Wars!

It's Tuesday!

And if you tuned in last week you know that means time for a new show from TLC's new series Craft Wars!!

Last week was the first show and it offered us a taste of what we can expect for the future weeks.

A fun challenge is put out to three crafters with one being eleminated. Then finally they eventually whittle things down to one lucky winner of $10,000! (how great is that!)

If you missed last week's episode, here are links to see...

What you may not know is GlueArts is proud to be found in the official Craft Wars "Craft Closet!"

Our Glue Glider PRO+ was available to the crafters to use throughout the season!

That's right! You'll see during the season our Glue Glider PRO+ being used...and sitting right there on the set for the crafters to select.

Last week we asked you to name one of the judges and the name of one of the crafters who was asked to leave. Our winner of her own Glue Glider PRO+ is:

The judges were Stephen Brown, Erica Domesek, and Jo Pearson. Hopefully I spelled them right. Stacy left first and then Christy was asked to leave.
Thanks for a fun show. My 8 yr old daughter and I will enjoy watching it together.

Congrats to you Roxie! Please email me at with your information.

Now for this week let's have some more fun which means you'll need to tune in to answer.

Simply post a comment with a supply used from the craft closet during tonight's show(for example...glitter, Mod Podge, paint) and the name of one of the crafters who was on tonight's show.

Adhesive Squares™ Brand Adhesives-PermaTac
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We'll give you through this weekend and post the winner right here next Tuesday just in time for the next Craft Wars show! Our winner will receive our Adhesive Squares and our 3D Combo Pac! Both must have for any crafter!
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  1. I need TIVO or something I was telling my friend about this show and I missed it. I have to remind myself to check it tonight!

  2. I really enjoyed last weeks episode, especially the final playhouse project that they did. I kept telling my husband that I would be awesome on this show, but then if he was my team mate we would be like the couple that all of a sudden had trouble matching everything up because it was measured wrong. :o)

  3. Michaela Krex was one of the crafters on the show and one craft item used from the craft closet was oversized clothes pins and foam core.

  4. 1 used Foam core, another used over sized clothes pins, and another used glitter.

  5. Kevin Chartier was one of the crafters on the show. Some craft items from the closet that were used included: giant clothes pins, bottle caps, ribbon, glue guns and scissors. Thanks for the chance to win.


  6. Michaela Krex and large clothes pins!

  7. Mandy Gubler used over-sized clothespins.
    Kevin Carter used foam-core for his birdhouse.
    I hope I got the names spelled correctly - I often have trouble reading my own handwriting. So thankful these contests are typed.

  8. Congrats to Roxie.
    One of the items used was foam core and one of the contestants was Kevin Chartier.

  9. Kevin Chartier and the large clothes pins!

  10. I also recall Kevin Chartier, since his last name is my Mom's maiden name.
    And those over sized clothes pins were crazy big!

  11. Kevin Chartier was my favorite and the huge clothespins!

  12. Kevin Chartier was a contestant and he used foam core board and a bottle cap on his birdhouse.

  13. Michaela and te large clothes pins.

  14. Mandy Gubler used over-sized clothespins.
    Kevin Cariter used foam-core for his birdhouse.

    Thanks so much for a chance to win

    lostnwa98 at

  15. Kevin Chariter used clothes pins!

  16. Kevin Chariter and large clothes pins :)

  17. Kevin used pipe cleaners on his bird house!

  18. Kevin Chartier was a contestant on the show. Foam-core was used by Kevin.

    debz831 at hotmail dot com

  19. I don't have a TV, so I'm unable to watch Craft Wars. But, I'd love to win Adhesive Squares. If I could, I'd watch as many craft shows as I could. I love to learn and get new ideas and helpful hints.