Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Craft Away With Craft Wars!

It's Tuesday and that means time to Craft!

Craft Wars crafting!

After watching the shows over the past few weeks one thing we noticed is adhesive, adhesive and yes adhesives all play an important role in the crafts.

One thing we noticed..and the judges do as often the crafters are not choosing the right kind of adhesives for their projects. They tend to pick adhesives that are time consuming, messy or just all wrong for the project.

GlueArts offers a wide range of dry adhesives that work on everything from paper, fabrics, canvas, felt and much more.

And also quickly and easily too! (and no mess!!)  

Our adhesive squares come on a roll and are not only easy to use but adhere quickly too! (and hold!!) and best of all...NO MESS! 

So tonight when you watch Craft Wars at 8pm EST/7pm CST pay attention to the adhesives they choose and then stop by GlueArts website and pick up a few of ours that you can use!

Last week's winner of a GlueArts Glue Gun is...
Cheryl won with her wonderful tree, using chalk and glitter from the craft closet. Beautiful tree topper made with tree light bulbs and plexiglass. The writing on the tree was neat and can be changed from year to year. The tree skirt was not a favorites the judges. Both trees were fun.
Venita T

Congrats Venita! Please email me at with your information!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. The winner used hot glue to add zippers to her pillow. I also saw the other contestant use clear liquid glue, probably a fabric glue to add zippers to one of his projects. I would have used your fabric tape runner to add the zippers. I love that thing! I used it to 'hem' some bandanas I cut into smaller squares for my baby to wear as part of a costume. Worked so well and so fast.