Monday, March 5, 2012

Welcome to National Craft Month with GlueArts!

Welcome to National Craft Month with GlueArts!

Craft Month is the perfect time to try something new, try a new product, try a new technique or just take time to craft and create the things you love!

All this week we're celebrating crafting with kids and yes....teens too! After all everyone love to craft regardless of age, gender or skill!

We're kicking off our week with a perfectly timed spring themed craft from Designer Audrey Pettit!! Audrey brings us today an adorable bunny (be still my heart!) that's easy make and will look so sweet in your home! 

Spring Bunnies
GlueArts Designer: Audrey Pettit


Recycled Cardboard or Grocery Bags
Gesso or White Acrylic Paint
Pink and Black Acrylic Paint
Fabric or Ribbon

1. To get started, draw simple bunny shapes onto a piece of recycled cardboard. Think of the bunny shape as basically a bowling pin with two loopy ears at top.
Cut out the bunny shapes.
2. Using Gesso or acrylic paint, paint the bunnies white, leaving just a bit of the cardboard showing on the edges. You can use a brush for this step, but it's actually easier and more fun to use your fingers. Allow paint to fully dry.
3. Cut small triangular pieces of recycled cardboard for the noses. Paint pink. 

4. Using your finger, paint the inside of the bunny ears pink. Allow paint to dry.
5. Place the cardboard nose about where you would like it to go on the bunny's face. Using that placement as a guide, add two black eyes above the nose. To create perfect circular eyes, try dipping the end of a paintbrush or wooden skewer into the paint and placing it directly down on the face and straight back up.
6. Remove the nose and then paint a straight line down the center of the face where the nose will go. Add another black dot at the bottom of the line for the mouth.

7. Attach the nose using a Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Square.

8. Tie ribbons or fabric strips around each neck.
9. Adhere the bunnies together using the Glue Arts Glue Gun.

While my daughter was working on her cardboard bunnies, I made one for myself using a slight variation. Instead of making my bunny from cardboard, I used two layers of recycled kraft grocery bags that I stitched together and stuffed with tissue paper to create a paper pillow.

After all, kids aren't the only ones who like to play!

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February 28, 2012 10:19 AM
Congrats Jaime! Please email me at with your information!!! We'll see you tomorrow with more kids and teen craft ideas from GlueArts!


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