Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Flowers from GlueArts

There's something magical about spring and the flowers coming back to life.

Green everywhere, trees in GlueArts has two beautiful ideas for how to put a little bloom into your life!

Designer Patti Milazzo has a sweet smelling cachet with our Adhesive Squares. The cachet is perfect for this time of the year...but think teacher gifts and yes...Mother's Day too!

Designer Andrea Budjack has made a beauty as well! A beautiful floral gift bag that you too could fill with all sorts of goodies for someone special! Consider making another flower for a pin, hair clip or several for a cardigan and more!

user posted image
 Fabric Flower Sachet 
GlueArts Designer: Patti Milazzo

Supply List: 
Glue Arts- 
Extreme Adhesive Squares
Extreme Micro Adhesive Squares

Other: fabric scraps, buttons, thread


Quite awhile ago, I created this simple fabric button pouch for a project idea. I ended up going a different way with the design but decided to keep this little sachet pocket since it turned out well enough. As an afterthought I decided to dress it up with fabric flowers and leaves as well as a few buttons by simply using Extreme Adhesive Squares.

user posted image

The flowers and leaves are circles and ovals that have a gathering stitch to create their shape. Each petal is done individually. Then I used both the regular sized Extreme Adhesive Squares and Extreme Micro Adhesive Squares to assemble them together. I also used them to adhere the buttons to the center of the flowers and around the arrangement. 

user posted image

I’ll fill the pocket with another lighter weight fabric filled with lavender and this sachet is ready to tuck into a drawer or closet.

user posted image
user posted image
Friendship Bloom Gift Bag
GlueArts Designer: Andrea Budjack

Glue Arts Supplies:
Glue Gun

Additional Supplies:
Stampington - fabric bag
Papertrey Ink - stamps, ink
Imaginisce I-Top - tool and badge
flower petals

1. Add two layers of fabric onto fabric bag using Glue Arts Fabric Bond. (or Extreme Adhesive)

user posted image
2. Stamp images onto top layer of fabric. Add glitter to butterflies.
user posted image
3. Add layers of flower to bag using Glue Arts Glue Gun. Use something to press down on each level as it is added. This will give the flower more volume.

4. Create fabric badge, add hot glue to back side and press into center of flower.

user posted image

4. Using a needle and thread, stitch along top portion of fabric strip. Add Fabric Bond (or Extreme Adhesive) to bottom of bag and iron fabric border in place.

user posted image

5. Create a paper gift tag and fill with your favorite things.

Do you make any decorations for your home for spring or Easter?  Have family over to celebrate and follow any special traditions? If so..we'd love to hear what you're up to! And for post a comment...we'll pick some of our favorite GlueArts products to send to you! 

Glue Arts

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  1. Gorgeous! I especially love the flower sachet!

  2. wow these little flower bags are so amazing...What a fun and creative idea...Thanks for sharing...

  3. Beautiful. I do decorate for spring. I change my wreath to springy flowers, etc.

  4. These are gorgeous! Every year we color eggs as a family for Easter & one of the things I enjoy the most is having the ability to cook a feast (ham of course), kinda reminds me of Thanksgiving only I can't get that image of that one Bunny movie with the jelly beans out of my head. Tis a FAV our family watches too!
    I love this post & appreciate sharing.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful!! I'm totally inspired now!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  6. I make a new floral wreath for the front door every Spring!! I love to brighten up the place for the warm weather!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful projects and thanks for the oppertunity to win!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  7. We have the tradition of eating until we alllmost pop!

  8. All I ever did was simple sachets for my lavender flowers... now I am inspired to doll them up!

  9. That would make a wonderful gift. I could put my home grown lavender in it. Every year my little family goes out for a nice Easter brunch. We get all dressed up, and it's nice.

  10. We don't really do anything special, other than a nice family dinner with ham of course. I often get out the seed catalouges and start planning the garden.

  11. These are so beautiful! I make little decorations for the house and have made an Easter wreath in the past for the front door.

  12. these flower projects are wonderful. I usually make Easter cards for a spring project

  13. Beautiful flowers! I love decorating for the Spring, and plan on making some new decorations. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Gorgeous flowers! I can't wait to try them for myself!

    Easter, love the decorations around my home. My sons have me hide eggs over and over and over!!! They just love searching for them!

  15. i totally love the fabric flowers. so cute!! for Easter, every year, i buy the wooden Easter eggs front the local craft store and cover them with Japanese rice paper (washi paper). They last forever and my family and friends love them!

  16. love the scruffy little flower! this is a must-do!! thank you for sharing.

  17. This came out so cute! I decorate for Easter as well as bake a bunny cake and eggs :)

  18. Very pretty!

    Carol B