Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Snowbirds Stick to GlueArts!

Along the narrow sandy height
I watch them swiftly come and go,
Or round the leafless wood,
Like flurries of wind-driven snow,
Revolving in perpetual flight,
A changing multitude.

Nearer and nearer still they sway,
And, scattering in a circled sweep,
Rush down without a sound;
And now I see them peer and peep,
Across yon level bleak and gray,
Searching the frozen ground,-

Until a little wind upheaves,
And makes a sudden rustling there,
And then they drop their play,
Flash up into the sunless air,
And like a flight of silver leaves
Swirl round and sweep away.  "Archibald Lampman"

Archibald Lampman wrote a unique poem about the winter snowbird and its habits. Today Designer Linda Albrecht captured the snowbird we think Mr. Lampman described ever so beautifully in her GlueArts project!

We love how Linda takes items such as candlesticks and paper and turns them into truly exquisite works of art. The Little Yellow Bicycle Winter Twig collection made the perfect backdrop for her project along with GlueArts adhesives for ensuring it stays put!

"Snowbird Shadow Box"
GlueArts Designer: Linda Albrecht

Little Yellow Bicycle "Winter Twig" Collection papers, Clear Cuts Shapes, Paper Snowflakes kit
Melissa Frances- Resin Snowflakes
May Arts- 1.5"Green ribbon
Clear glitter
Mica Flakes
Sno-Tex paste
pom pom trim
silver trim
styrofoam bird
Paper Mache box
old music paper
wood candlestick

1. Cut papers to fit box (inside and outside)

2. Apply Perma Tac Adhesive flush along outside edge of box. This is where the "Push" cartridge works great because you can see exactly where your adhesive is going so that you can run it flush to the edge.

3. Adhere one edge of the white trim from the "Paper Snowflakes Kit" to the adhesive strip then fold over to the front.

4. Apply old music paper to chipboard then cut trims from die cut machine to fit box opening. Use Hot Glue to adhere them to the inside opening of the box (this will help to firm up the white paper trim.)

5. Apply silver trim to box with Hot Glue.

6. Adhere a Clear Glitter shape to the lower right front corner of the box with an Extreme Adhesive square then add a resin snowflake to the corner.
7. Add a white brad to the center of a Clear Glitter Shape then apply to the resin snowflake with an Adhesive Square.

8. Add Sno-Tex paste, glitter and Mica Flakes to twig branches then adhere to inside of the box with Hot Glue.
The styrofoam bird was painted white. I also painted on some rosey cheeks then added glitter and Mica Flakes.

9. To apply the foam star to inside of box, Use U-Cut-Cut-It Foam.

10. Wrap ribbon around the outside of the box then tie with a bow.

11. Adhere candlestick to the bottom of the box with Hot Glue.

Fun tip for today...consider making this beauty for more then just about an Easter themed shadowbox with a bunny or chick inside!!

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  1. Wonderful box- thanks for posting such clear instructions!

  2. wow that is just way cool...totally love it..thanks for sharing..

  3. Very gorgeous project. I love it. A winter treat that I like when it's very cold is a big cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow. Thanks for the chance, Johanne L.

  4. ADORABLE! I would love to make that--I'm really into birds.....

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  6. Wow, what an amazing little home decor project. I love the step by step pictures. I love that you can see just how it was made. Great idea to old over the decorative trim. Thanks for a super idea and a chance at an awesome prize!!
    xoxo, Christine

  7. Fabulous project! My fav winter treat would be hot cocoa.

  8. The pom poms add whimsy. SO pretty.

  9. The bird box would look perfect on my new desk in my new "office". I have bird prints, bronze bird book ends, bird magnet board, bird sculptures, bird vase. I need this bird box. And the colors are perfect. I'd like to make it.

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  15. So pretty! Sometimes I get stuck making cards and layouts, I forget that I can do other things with paper, too!

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    As for my favorite winter treat, apple & butternut squash soup. So yummy!

    Elaine Allen

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    Carol B

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