Monday, February 27, 2012

Create Warm Memories with GlueArts Adhesives!

We're creating more memories today!

We're back this week with the beautiful Little Yellow Bicycle Winter Twig collection! And while it's perfect for winter memories, cards, home decor and's also great for a multitude of themes!

Last week here on the GlueArts blog we showed just how diverse this collection is! Don't miss a day this week and also for more chances to win!
Warm Memories Card
GlueArts Designer: Patti Milazzo
Supply List: 

U-Cut-It Adhesive Foam
Raise ‘Ns
Extreme Micro Adhesive Squares
Spooled Ribbon Adhesive

Little Yellow Bicycle:
Winter Twig Pattern Paper – Winter Wishful & Winter Twig
Winter Twig 6 x6 Decorative Edge Cardstock
Winter Twig Embellishments – Chipboard Shapes & Paper Snowflake Kit
Winter Twig Stickers – Cardstock Stickers, Free Verse Stickers and 5 Things Envelopes

1. Create a 5 x 7 card and cut pattern paper to fit the front. Adhere a circle 6 x 6 Decorative Edge Cardstock shape to the top front of the card using the Glue Glider Pro and Pro+ Perma Tac Adhesive. Cut a 1 ½ “ pattern paper strip, trim the ends and adhere near the center of the circle. Also adhere the large paper snowflake (kit) near the top left.

2. Use Raise ‘Ns to adhere the Chipboard Shape character. 
Tip: To cut Raise ‘Ns, leave the paper backing and acetate top in place. Then simply snip the Raise ‘Ns into halves or even quarters for smaller pieces without gumming up your scissors.

3. For the layered snowflake accent on the right – apply the intricate snowflake die cut (kit) to the dark blue snowflake die cut (kit) with a Micro Adhesive Square that’s been folded in half.

4. Then for the top layer of the snowflake, insert a brad into the center of a blue snowflake sticker and secure the prongs. Press a Micro Adhesive Square on top of the brad and press this into glitter.

5. Apply a piece of U-Cut-It Adhesive Foam to the back of the top snowflake sticker and press onto the piece from Step 3. Adhere this to the right side of the card with the Glue Glider Pro.

6. I added flocked stripes to the “Warm Memories” sticker and to the bottom of my card using Ribbon Adhesive. To do this, trim Ribbon Adhesive lengths a bit longer than the sticker/card and press onto the surface firmly and evenly. Trim any excess and remove backing. Then sprinkle on flocking material. Spread it over the adhesive strips and rub in a bit. Finally, remove any excess by tapping it off.

Tip: Use the plastic edge of the Ribbon Adhesive backing as a guide to keep your line straight. On the sticker, I lined up the plastic edge backing along the bottom and top of the sticker. For the bottom of my card, I lined up the backing edge with the bottom of the card for the first strip. Then removed this backing and applied another strip of Ribbon Adhesive slightly higher by lining up the second pieces backing edge with the previous adhesive line.

7. Apply a piece of U-Cut-It Adhesive Foam to the back of the “Warm Memories” sticker and press onto the card between the character and snowflake accent.

8. Add additional pennant stickers and snowflake accents to complete the card.

Love this! Patti used a wide variety of our GlueArts Adhesives to create this cutie! Which is why if you're already using our Glue Gldier PRO and new PRO+ cartridge it's time to step out and try our Adhesive Squares or our U Cut It Foam!

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 Let's announce last week's winner of the Little Yellow Bicycle's Saturdays collection and that is..

Juliana T said...

gorgeous projects!
February 23, 2012 11:02 AM

Congrats to you Juliana T!! Please email us at with your information! Don't forget to post a comment! We'll see you tomorrow with more GlueArts and Little Yellow Bicycle!


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