Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Tote Bag and Treat Container!

Hi Glue Arts Fans!

Can you believe we are at the end of our week with May Arts?!

It's truly been a special week filled with inspiring crafts all using May Arts Valentine themed ribbons and of course....Glue Arts outstanding line up of adhesives!

Today we're going out with a bang(is there any other way?!) Designer Cheri Wenger shows how to recycle and reuse our Glue Glider Pro 3-Pack Cartridge Refill container! Love that! And we've got a Valentine Tote Bag craft that is Kid Friendly and Mom Friendly too!!    
May Arts Valentine Container
Designer: Cheri Wenger


Container: Glue Arts clear packaging from 3-pack of adhesive refills
Ribbons: May Arts (rose satin, gingham, fushia satin hearts & red diecut hearts)
Embellishments & Papers: Little Yellow Bicycle
Adhesives: Glue Arts Extreme Micro Adhesive Squares and Adhesive Squares [or Extreme Adhesive Squares]
Punch: Fiskars Rectangle handheld punch
Button: Stampin’ Up!® (substitute your choice of button/mfr.)

Designer Tip: Let me show you how to repurpose Glue Arts 3-pack of adhesive refills packaging into an eco-minded, sweet treats container!
1. Cut 18" piece of rose satin ribbon. Apply micro extreme adhesive squares around the middle section of the container placing one on each corner and in the middle of each of the 4 sides. 

2. Attach ribbon on top of squares starting in the middle of the short side and wrapping around until ends overlap. Trim excess and place 2 micro extreme adhesive squares on the end of the ribbon to secure.
3. Trim fuschia puffy satin heart ribbon to length that will wrap around the complete container with sligt overlap. Attach micro extreme adhesive squares randomly on the back of hearts to attach ribbon below the rose ribbon.
4. Make a bow from rose ribbon with V cuts on the ribbon ends. Use extreme adhesive squares to attach over top of the seams at the short end of the container. Add scallop circle embellishment on top of bow using an extreme adhesive square to reinforce adhesive before attaching.
5. Cut piece of rose ribbon and wrap through diecut triangle and knot bow on top of container. Cut V-slits in ends of ribbon.
6. Apply Happy Valentine’s Day sticker strips to top of container along with the adhesive circle with rhinestone heart.
7. Use micro extreme adhesive squares to coil ribbon into flower and secure end. This will become the center of your flower for top of container. Set aside for now.

8. Arrange 7-8 flower petals in the shape of a flower on top bottom end of container. Use adhesive squares to layer petals on top of one another and attach to the container. Add gingham ribbon flower on top of flower petals using extreme adhesive squares on back side. Finish off with decorative button attached using an extreme adhesive square.
9. Randomly place tiny sprinkles epoxy stickers to top of the container to finish.
10. Cut 2" x 3" piece of patterned cardstock. Hole punch in top right corner with rectangle punch. Embellish with sprinkles and cupcake sticker. Tie around top ribbon using red diecut hearts ribbon.

Valentine Canvas Tote Bag
Designer: Julia Sandvoss 
**Kid Friendly Craft!

Canvas Tote (Hobby Lobby)
Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro FabricBond and Extreme Adhesive Micro Squares (
May Arts Ribbons (
Creatology Felt Ric Rac and Hearts (Michael’s Stores)
Sizzix Big Shot Die Cut Machine: Heart Layers and Border Scallop Dies (
Pink Felt

1) Use the Sizzix Big Shot to cut the scallop border from pink felt. (Wool felt is easier to work with if you can find that. You can hand cut the shape as well) Apply Glue Arts Fabric Bond to the backside of your felt. Iron onto the canvas bag to heat the adhesive and bond onto the bag.  

Tip: to make this child friendly…use the Extreme Adhesive Squares in the full size and apply the squares to the backside of the felt and then adhere to the bag. The Extreme Squares are designed to adhere to fabric, canvas and more!

2) Repeat Step 1 for the additional ribbons and trims.
3) Use the Sizzix Big Shot to cut the layered hearts. Add some Fabric Bond to the center of the heart. Then hand stitch the hearts together.  

Tip: These can also be sewn with a sewing machine. For kids use DMC Floss for a fun look as well.  

4) Adhere felt heart to bag with Extreme Adhesive Squares. Add additional felt hearts.
5) Tie a ribbon around the handle. Use the Micro Extreme Adhesive Squares to hold the ribbon tails in place on the bag.

Tip: If you do not have access to a diecut machine hand cut your shapes. Also this bag would be fun to personalize with a child’s name, Grandparents, special teacher! And best…this bag took just minutes to make and will be a favorite for years to come. know the drill....we're giving away goodies from both May Arts and Glue Arts and they're both essential to crafters! (well we think so!!) 
Simply leave us a comment today and we'll enter you to win this fantastic selection of May Arts ribbons plus our must have line-up of products...a Glue Glider Pro, Ribbon Adhesive and our Adhesive Squares! 

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love Ribbon Pillow & A Gift For You!

Many crafters tend to think and work in paper. This year fabrics are emerging and making an impact on our crafts. Be it through handmade clothing, accessories and yes....home decor!

Designer Kristen Swain shows how fabrics, ribbons and our FabricBond are the perfect combination for helping bring a little love into your home!

Love Pillow Hanger

Designer: Kristen Swain

Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun, Fabric Bond and Glue Glider Pro Gun
May Arts -Ribbons
Lace- Walmart
Muslin or light cotton fabric
glitter stems


1. Cut an 8x8 piece of doubled fabric, then trim pieces of ribbon to fit across and down fabric length with a slight overlap.
2. Use Fabric Bond to adhere ribbons to fabric and each other in a basket weave pattern.
3. Heat set using warm iron.
4. Turn right sides together and sew 3 edges of fabric, turn right side out and stuff with fiberfill, then hand stitch open hole closed.
5. Use Hot Glue gun to attach lace across bottom parts of pillow. Knot both ends of a 8 inch piece of ribbon, hot glue to top of pillow for handle.
6. Use hot glue to create ribbon roses, attach to top of pillow with more hot glue, adding in glitter stems, ribbon and button with twine. 

How's that for inspiring! The ribbon pillow we know you'll want to give a try!

We want to help you with your crafting needs! May Arts has teamed up all week long with us and will send one random winner this amazing selection of ribbons!

and no crafting can commence unless you have Glue Arts products to work with! So we'll send to the same winner a Glue Glider Pro, our Must Have Ribbon Adhesive and our Adhesive Squares. The perfect combination of products! 

Just leave us a comment today and we'll pick a winner on Monday who will enjoy these prizes!

And for more chances to win...visit the May Arts blog all week long too!    

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ribbon Wrapped Wreaths & Valentine Kids Crafts!!!

It's Day 3 of our fun week with May Arts Ribbons!! Today we have Ribbon Wrapped Wreaths and Pixie Stick Flowers that are cute enough to....well eat!

Designer Michelle Lanning has a beautiful wreath that uses crepe paper, ribbon, wreath form and our must have Hot Glue Gun....simple....

And Designer Lindsay Wahl has a sweet craft perfect for those upcoming Valentine parties and more!

Ribbon Wreath
Designer: Michelle Lanning

Glue Arts: Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Mini wreath form from Michael's
May Arts Ribbon & lots of it!
Crepe Paper

First start by wrapping the entire wreath with crepe paper. 
Cut ribbon into 3.5 inch strips. 
Sew them together and then hot glue from the center of the wreath out. Continue and alternate ribbons to your liking.

I finished the wreath off by making a little flower from the elastic gingham ribbon.

I hope you like this! It really is a quick project and comes out too cute!

"Flowers for a sweetie"
Designer: Lindsay Wahl
Designer Tip: I purposefully made this a "simple" project that could be completed with an elementary classroom, a girl scout troop, a church group, etc. Even my 3-year-old would be able to help me with several of the steps on this project. Just make sure the soup can is free from sharp edges. You can always add a ring of tape to the inside to be safe. Enjoy! 

Glue Arts Adhesives: 3-d Combo Pack, Adhesive Squares, Ribbon Adhesive
May Arts Ribbon

Die cuts: Little Yellow Bicycle

Pixie Stix
Soup can
Twine: The Twinery

1. Trim ribbon so that it will fit your soup can. Use Ribbon Adhesive to adhere ribbon to the can. I used two strips of adhesive because the ribbon is so wide. Remember to burnish the liner before removing to make sure adhesive transfers to the ribbon. Have all of the seams line up on the front of the can. They will be covered.
2. Use Adhesive Squares to adhere chipboard pieces to the front of the can. Use foam adhesive to give a few hearts added dimension.
3. Use twine to tie Pixie Stix together (I tied 4 in a bundle.). Use Adhesive Squares to add die cut flowers to the bundled stems.
4. Arrange flowers in can. I used some extra ribbon inside the can to help the flowers stand. You could also use tissue or floral foam.

Are you inspired to start crafting??!!! We know we tend to feel the need to go get creative after putting together the blog posts!!

So let's help you get a little crafty...simply leave us a comment today..because do we have the giveaway for all of you who want to recreate Michelle's wreath!

One winner will receive this collection of May Arts Ribbons and of course you must have Glue Arts products to use with those ribbons!! So we'll also include a Glue Glider Pro, our Ribbon Adhesive (that we know you'll love!!) and our Adhesive Squares!!

Simply leave us a comment and next Monday we'll pick a random winner who will receive these goodies! Be sure to visit the May Arts blog for more ideas and way to win all week long!!!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Valentine Hearts and Key Fobs!!

That's a funny combination...hearts and key fobs.

However when you put creative minds to work with essentially the same get such diverse and crafty creations!

Designer Danielle Flanders is the creative mind behind the beautiful Ribbon Key Fobs...that we know you're going to recreate and Linda Albrecht makes a simple Styrofoam ball, heart punches and ribbons look unbelievably elegant...don't you agree?!

Ribbon Key Fobs
Designer: Danielle Flanders


May Arts ribbons
Fabric Bond by Glue Arts
Buttons: Papertrey Ink
Other: key chain rings, pinking shears, iron, floss and a needle.


1. Cut length of ribbon 8" long. Trim both ends with pinking shears to avoid the ribbon coming apart.

2. Fold bottom end up 1 inch to create a loop. Insert key chain ring. Apply Fabric Bond at the end of the ribbon to hold the loop. Iron until fused.

3. Fold top of the ribbon all the way down. Fuse with Fabric Bond about an inch from the end. Add a stitch if you feel it's necessary. Stitch on button.

Valentine Heart Balls
Designer: Linda Albrecht

Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro with High Tac Adhesive
Glue Arts Mini Hot Glue Gun and sticks
May Arts Ribbon- 1" Sheer Red Tinsel Edge Ribbon, 1.5" Croche with Pink Velvet Ribbon and 3/8" Sheer with Red Hearts Ribbon
Heart shaped Paper Punch (samples made with a Martha Stewart punch)
12x12" Scrapbook paper- Pink by Fancy Pants "Love Birds" Collection, Off White by Basic Grey "Nook & Pantry" Collection
4" Styrofoam balls with smooth surface
Sequin stick pins
Sandpaper for distressing paper hearts

1. Gather your supplies (paper, heart punch, sequin pins, 4" styrofoam ball, ribbons, and Glue Arts High Tac Adhesive.

2. Punch out hearts from desired patterned or solid paper. I used almost a whole piece of 12x12" patterned paper to cover each 4" ball.
3. Apply High Tac Adhesive to the top arches of a heart and place it on the styrofoam ball then stick a pin into the center. Repeat this for each heart.

4. Once the entire ball is covered in paper hearts, use sandpaper to lightly distress the edges of the hearts if desired, wrap a piece of ribbon around the circumference of the ball and use High Tac Adhesive to hold the ends in place.
5. To make a rose from sheer red May Arts ribbon, begin by folding the sheer 1" ribbon in half then roll about 1" of the end and adhere in place with a small dab of hot glue.

6. Adhere the rolled end to the ball, covering the ribbon ends that are wrapped around the circumference of the ball.
7. Continue to twist and roll ribbon around the outside of the rolled end that you started with, using hot glue at random to hold in place on the ball.

8. Use hot glue to finish the rose and tuck under the previous "petals" once you have achieved the desired size of the rose.
9. Make more Valentine heart balls because they are so fun! ;-)

It's Tuesday and that means Day Two of our partnership with May Arts! May Arts truly has an amazing selection of ribbons and trims...and we're so fortunate to partner with them!

Be sure to take a moment to leave us a comment! We'll enter you to win this collection of May Arts ribbons...

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Simply leave us a comment and next Monday we'll pick a random winner who will receive these goodies! And speaking of our hustle and bustle yesterday we realize we did not announce last week's winner for the Shabby Chic Crafts products! That winner is:
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