Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Favorite Things Day Five

It's our final day to look back at this year's amazing projects from our talented Glue Girls!

Today we have Designers Tamara Tripodi and Kristen Swain sharing their favorites!!

Up first...Miss Tamara Tripodi who was asked to select one project from Designer Lesley Langdon!

Trio of Holiday Tags

Tamara said, "I LOVE Lesley's projects, so pretty! I will go with the 'trio of Christmas tags' They are some simple and beautiful!"

and our favorite of Tamara's is..

Once Their Was a Snowman

The attention to detail is just snowmen are the best!!

And last for our look back at this year Designer Kristen Swain had to select one item from Linda Albrecht (neat as it was Linda's favorite of her own and we  can see why!)   

Maya Road Dress Form

Kristen's favorite project of her own from this year is..

Party Banner Hanger

Kristen told us, "I chose this because it was really out of the box for me. But I love the bright colors, tons of details and all the dimension."

Our favorite of Kristen's...well we have several..but one is

Valentine Gift Set

and her incredible banner...

Handmade Banner

Well this wraps up our week! It's hard to believe another year has passed, another year full of amazing projects, crafts and creations all made using our GlueArts adhesives! 

We look forward to 2012 and sharing more ideas and ways for you to use GlueArts Adhesives as part of your crafts!!  

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  1. these are all fabulous choices...they are just amazing... Thanks for sharing...always a pleasure..

  2. I love the trio of holiday tags. Just gorgeous!

  3. The dress form was wonderful. Probably my favorite.

  4. My favorite is the dress form. It is so cute and so versatile. I can see my scrapbooking stick pins displayed on it.

  5. I forgot to say the reason I love the dress form the most: I love sewing themed projects. This sort of reminds me of Barbie, and it's just generally adorable. I would like to make one as a pin cushion. SO much cuter than what I have.

  6. The snowman that you have pictured is my favorite. He jumped out at me the first time I saw him. He's lumpy and bumpy, and cute.

  7. great review of project from the past year. Such a nice program, hope to see this each year..... i am sure the DT enjoys this as well.

  8. All the projects are terrific! Love your blog!

  9. I like the Dress Form

  10. Great job as always:) Happy NEW Year!!!!!!!!

  11. I just loved this dressform here, it has to be my favorit, but all the ideas are really great. Stunning work from the emtire tea,., that´s for sure.

  12. craftsbydarlene.blogspot.comJanuary 4, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    Love all your pictures.. it's wonderful to get a closer look at your projects!