Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Mini Books & Ornaments!!

How many of you make a December Daily Album?

Now how many of you have been taking daily photos...but perhaps like some of us..have not yet created your album?

Did you answer yes? (good...!!lol)

If not...or if you're just looking for a fun, mini album to make to perhaps give as a this does not have to be holiday themed...we've got just the one for you!

Designer Jaime Warren created this cutie today using our Glue Glider PRO and of course...our U Cut It Foam! (you definitely want Santa to leave some in your stocking this year!!) And wait till you see the Recycled ornaments Glue Girl Karen Ewing has for you of all...kid friendly and economical too!!

Holiday Mini Book
GlueArts Designer: Jaime Warren


Glue Glider PRO

U Cut It 3D Foam Adhesive Blanks 8.5x11
3 Paper Lunch Bags
2 Jump Rings
Hole Punch
Patterned Paper & Embellishments

To start I folded the 3 paper bags in half and used the hole punch to punch two holes for my jump rings. I used my Glue Glider Pro to adhere my bottom patterned paper layer to the front of my bag. The Glue Glider Pro gives it a good firm hold. I then layered my top sheet over the bottom sheet. 

I used U Cut It 3D Foam Adhesive Blanks to attach some of my embellishments, this gave them great dimension! I love to layer up embellishments and use the Blanks to pop the top embellishment over the bottom one! 

I continued the layering process throughout the entire album - layering both the patterned paper and the embellishments. I made sure to leave space to tuck in my photos (I usually use 2x3 size for these albums.) You can also tuck journaling tags into the pockets that are open on the sides. 

The finished product:

Now hold onto your seats because we know you love when we bring you unique ways to recycle and reuse!! Today our Glue Girl Karen Ewing has brought us the perfectly timed craft for how you can recycle, reuse and recreate with all your PRO parts! Read on to see what you can create...

Recycled PRO Gear Ornaments
GlueArts Glue Girl: Karen Ewing


Gear parts from inside your Glue Glider PRO Cartridges
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface paints by Plaid (Tartan Red, Wet Cement, Pesto, Pond)
Plaid Extreme Glitter (Red, Silver, Emerald, Turquoise)
Blumenthal Lansing buttons


1. Take apart empty cartridge. Recycle case. Save tiny gearing for another project.  Use small and big rings.

2.  Paint gearing (front and back) with foam brush.  I used Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface paints by Plaid (Tartan Red, Wet Cement, Pesto, Pond).  Let dry 30 minutes.

3.  Paint gearing with Plaid Extreme Glitter (I used Red, Silver, Emerald, Turquoise).  Best technique is pouncing a foam brush to create texture.  Let dry overnight.

4.  Decorate center of gearing with buttons  or dimensional stickers using GlueArts Adhesive Squares.  Remove button shank and adhere with Adhesive Squares.

5. To hang on a Christmas Tree, use sheer ribbon, cording or pipe cleaners through a loop on the gearing.

This is a great project to do with children....let them help decorate the gears once an adult has spray painted them...of course though we know all kids love to play with glitter!!  Great idea also for those Mom's and Dad's looking for classroom crafts for upcoming school holiday parties. Just pre-spray the gears and let the kids have fun decorating them! 

How fun is that???!! We know you'll be pulling those gears out now before sending the rest to the recycling bin! And we hope if you do create some of your'll share those with us on our GlueArts Facebook wall! 

GlueArts would like to help you craft and create by sharing a few of our favorite products that bring all of us a bit of peace and joy!! Simply post a comment today and we'll enter you to win...

.. our PRO handle, new PRO+ Perma Tac cartridge, our Adhesive Squares and yes...our U Cut It Foam! The more you comment...the more chances you have to win!! We'll collect the comments over the next two weeks and pick one random winner. Just think...YOU might be the winner of  a bit of JOY! 


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