Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pinning for the Home with GlueArts & Pinterest

Pinning for your walls!

That's right...we've shifted to the walls in your home today.

Walls offer the perfect canvas for decorating on and our GlueArts Accent It All vinyl offers limitless possibilities!

Just take a look at what our talented and creative designers Lisa Day and Audrey Pettit have for you today!

Wall Words
Link to original pin:

Love Wall Words
GlueArts Designer: Lisa Day

Glue Arts Accent It All in White, Pink and Black
Slice Machine and Basic 1 Cartridge

I took my Pinterest challenge "literally" because I loved this wall and wanted one just like it! The Accent It All sheets made making this so easy and fun! I had a perfect spot right under our wedding photos!

I cut out all of the 4" letters with the Slice and then drew level lines on the wall with a pencil 3.5" apart.

After all of the letters were up, I used a Magic Eraser to wipe of the lines and smudges from flattening the letters to the wall. The letters washed up nicely and stay on perfectly!

Halloween Bat Wall
Original Pinterest link:

 Accent It All Vinyl Bat Window Art 
GlueArts Designer: Audrey Pettit

GlueArts Accent It All Vinyl in Blackout
bat templates from the internet

Pinterest is such an amazing place for inspiration and ideas. I have always been a huge fan of Halloween, so this amazing Pinterest photo really caught my eye.

I knew that GlueArts' Accent It All Vinyl would be the perfect way to add a few Halloween bats to my sunroom windows. Not only does the vinyl cling easily to the glass, it's also re-positionable, making perfect placement a breeze.

To get started, I printed bat patterns from the Internet in a variety of sizes. Cut out the patterns for use as templates.

Trace the bat templates onto the back of Blackout Accent It All Vinyl, and cut out.
Or better yet, cut the bats with a die cutting system. 

It's as simple as that. Now simply peel and stick your bats wherever you like, on windows, mirrors, walls, glass hurricanes, or even your car windows.

 I had so much fun doing my sunroom, I decided to do my bathroom mirror, too.

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Here's a peek at what's coming up tomorrow from Andrea!

Now we know you won't want to miss this!


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