Wednesday, June 15, 2011

With this Ring...

I thee wed!

How many of you have heard those words?

How many of you have watch the ring bearer untie the rings and pass those to the groom?

Today we're filled with love! How can you not be when you see these unique and beautiful projects made with Crate Paper's Portrait collection and all "tied" together with GlueArts adhesives?!

Designer Linda Albrecht has made the perfect solution for not only storing all those special wedding cards {that hopefully were handmade and inspired this week} but also a permanent provides a special keepsake for cards and more! We LOVED this!

Designer Andrea Budjack shows you one of the most beautiful ring bearer's pillow we have seen and better's inexpensive to make and so special to display and keep! {We know you'll be making this one!!}

Shabby Wedding Card Box
Designed by: Linda Albrecht

Glue Arts Glue Glider Max with Perma Tac Adhesive
Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun
Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac Adhesive
Crate Paper "Portrait Collection" papers
Silver Glitter
Chipboard letters
Pearl Stamins for flower
White feathers, Tuelle, grosgrain ribbon
Box for holding wedding cards

1. Start by applying patterned papers to desired areas on the box using Perma Tac Adhesive in the Glue Glider Max.

2. Lightly sand chipboard letters then apply Perma Tac Adhesive from the Glue Glider Pro to the front surface of each letter.

3. Shake glitter onto each chipboard letter then press into adhesive with your finger and shake off excess glitter.
 4. Crumple and twist up white grosgrain ribbon then use hot glue to adhere the glittered letters to it. Adhere it to the box as desired with hot glue also.

5. To make the large flower, cut 6 circles by hand. Cut the largest at 4" round then cut the next 3 circles 1/4" smaller in circumference than the preverious one. Cut the last 2 the same size for the center. Cut a slit into each circle that stops at the center.
6. Slightly overlap one side of the slit onto the other so that a small cup shape is formed. Use hot glue to adhere into place
 7. Lightly sand the outside edges of each circle then mist lightly with water and crumple in your hand to create a distressed paper look.
8. Use your fingers to mold shape into the outer edges of each circle then use hot glue to stack them on top of each other with the largest circle being at the bottom. Position the last two smallest circles so that they are slightly off center of each other. Punch a hole in the center of the flower.
9. Insert the pearl stamins into the center hole on the flower then use hot glue on the backside to keep in place.

10. Adhere tuelle and feathers to the backside of the flower then adhere to the front of the box as desired.

Paper Ring Pillow
Designed by: Andrea Budjack
Andrea and her husband will celebrate their 10th Anniversary on June 17th! Congrats!


Glue Arts Perma Tac
Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares
Glue Arts UCutIt 3d Foam
Crate Paper – paper, stickers, brad
KaiserCraft – adhesive pearls
Provo Craft Cricut Expression – storybook cartridge
Pillow fill

1. Adhere two 12" x 12" pieces of paper together using Glue Arts Perma Tac Adhesive. 
2. Stitch along edge, leaving opening to add pillow fill. Continue to stitch along sides to close.
3. Cut three 2" x 12", adhering one along the middle of pillow front using Glue Arts Perma Tac. Fold the remaining two pieces into a bow, adhering them to the front using Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares.

4. Die cut two leaves, adhering one to pillow using Glue Arts Perma Tac and the other backed with UCutIt 3d Foam.
5. Die cut several sizes of a flower, distress edges, back each layer with Glue Arts UCutIt 3d Foam and adhere to center of pill.

6. Continue to add embellishments using brads, adhesive pearls and stickers.

Stunning don't you agree? And creative and doable! 

They ARE absolutely something YOU can make! We'll give you the take the time!

Simply leave us a comment and we'll enter you to win the elegant Crate Paper Portrait collection!

and the must have Portrait Fabric Brads.... a key component to Andrea's Pillow...
And how on earth can you create without adhesives. After all adhesives are what make every project stick! And when you want it to stick...always chose GlueArts. So we'll include our Glue Glider Pro with YOUR choice of cartridge along with our Extreme Adhesive Squares!!

We'll select a random winner next Monday and post that winner's name here on the blog!!

So how long have you been married? Or are you getting married? Have someone whom you admire who has been married for a while? We'd love to hear!! And for all those celebrating an Anniversary this week...many many congrats to you!
Last please don't forget to go visit Crate Paper's blog for more ideas and inspiration using all of Crate Paper's products!


  1. my 25th wedding anniversary was the 29th of May. At times it seems like its been forever and others seems like only yesterday lol.
    Would love to win these lovely prizes.

  2. Oh my goodness!! Gorgeous!! I will be celebrating my 8th wedding anniversay on July 5th :)

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  4. I've been married for 8 months

  5. I have been Married 26 Wonderful years this July! I am loving this paper line ane Embelishments to Match!

  6. I love these projects! Super amazing. I will have to share with my cousins who are getting married next year. This year, (June 28), my husband and I will be married for 3 years! Time has gone by so fast! I love being married to him, he is my best friend.

    cherie.goyer at

  7. love these ideas! Talk about clever!

  8. Im telling you these ladies are very talented. I love that ring paper pillow. How creative is that..
    Thanks for sharing...I love it.

  9. I wish I could get married again just so I could decorate with paper (and not the horrible fake flowers we had 33 years ago!).

  10. The glue girls are AMAZING!!!! Way to go ladies!!!

  11. We just celebrated 7 happy years! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. WOW, now that is a wonderful and useful project!!

  13. I will be married 35 years this coming September and the day before our anniversary my friends daughter will be married. This ring pillow would be perfect for her fall themed wedding.

  14. Great projects- a nice little change from the usual wedding pieces. We'll be married for 13years in Aug though we'll have been together for 21 in Dec. :)

  15. I will be celebrating 10 years on the 30th of this month with my hubby. We also have 2 wedding this summer, and 3 next!

  16. My 11th wedding anniversary will be in September! Love those projects, that card holder is sooo cool! That ring pillow is so creative! Great stuff!

  17. I love that box and it's so customizable for different occasions.

  18. Will be married for 16 years this July! These are wonderful projects! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Tan and brown colors would be great as white and orange is a little garish for something permanent. appliance movers

  20. Wow, beautiful projects! The card box is a great idea and I love the paper pillow. I'm not married yet but hope to meet my special someone someday.

  21. These are such cute ideas! I LOVE the trunk and the ring pillow. Would totally be adorable at a wedding! :)

  22. Love the card box, what a wonderful idea! We will celebrate our 36th anniversary on July 11th!!
    LizW in TX

  23. These projects are just gorgeous. I will be celebrating my very first marriage anniversary on 3 July and i am so excited about it. It doesn't seem that a whole year has passed. Time flies!

  24. We just celebrated our 38th last week! Long time for sure. Love these projects and the papers of course :)

  25. Cute projects! Love all the fine details :)

  26. Gorgeous projects, as always! It will be 12years for my hubby and I in August!

  27. Lovely projects. It will be 30 years for me come September.
    stamping sue

  28. Beautiful pillow! I would love to win your awesome goodies! Thanks for the chance!
    sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

  29. Love the card chest and I never would have thought of a paper pillow.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  30. Oh my gosh - LOVE this collection!!! And such cute ideas!

  31. Wow, two great projects. A keepsake box for cards is such a great idea. Love the flowers on both projects.
    My husband and I will celebrate out 31st anniversary on Aug 30th, but we have know each other for 40yrs.(yep, I was very young when we met)

  32. Those flowers are great! I just attended a beautiful wedding a few weekends ago!

    michelegreen120 at gmail dot com

  33. Wow, love that pillow with the flower and leaves. Gorgeous! 11 1/2 years for me. I love him more and more every day! The Crate Paper Portrait line is beautiful. :)

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  35. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT'S 28 YEARS TODAY!!Great projects by the way!

  36. Those paper flowers are AWESOME! I love the Crate Paper designs with these projects as they are the perfect vintage look...but with a modern twist.

  37. We just had our 10 year anniversary May 19th.

  38. I love making paper flowers and co-ordinating papers together I think I'm in love!