Thursday, June 2, 2011

GlueArts Crafts for Kids Day Three!!

Today's kids crafts are all about fun!

Games and paper airplanes!!

Summer is all about fun and games for kids and getting them occupied too! (true for adults too!lol)

Today's crafts are just what the doctor ordered to keep kids entertained and their rooms looking snazzy and fun!

Designer Patti Milazzo has some great ideas for how to recycle and reuse cd's and turn them into a fun summer game! Consider a small bouncy ball too for a paddle ball game with a friend! And Designer Jenny Chesnick has a soaring paper airline mobile we just know you're going to want to make! Have a girl...change the airplanes to flowers, pinwheels, bows and streamers...the kids will tell you what they like..that you can count on!

Paddle Games from Recycled CDs
Designed by: Patti Milazzo
If you’re like me, you have plenty of discarded CDs on hand and numerous left over craft sticks from rub-on packages and various other crafts. Put these items together along with a few other recycled materials that you may have around the house and you’ll have everything you need to create these two Paddle Games for hours of playtime solo or with friends. 

Glue Arts:
Glue Glider Pro with
1/4 High Tac Cartridge Refill - Pro
Glue Gun
Glue Gun Stick Refills

CDs; craft sticks; Bo Bunny -Blast Off! Pattern Papers; color coordinating acrylic paint; balloons; craft hand drill; ½ plastic easter egg; 10” elastic beading cord; gumball prize container; glass seed beads

Balloon Paddle Game 

1. Cut 4 – 4 ½” circles from pattern paper and adhere to both sides of 2 CDs using Glue Glider Pro with High Tac Adhesive.

2. Lightly sand craft sticks, paint thin coat of acrylic paint and let dry completely.
3. Use the Glue Gun to apply hot glue along 2” – 3” of one end of the craft stick. Immediately press onto CD and hold firm until cool.

4. Blow up a balloon and your ready for a game!
-Be creative with the game – put up a streamer “net” between furniture; agree to use your less coordinated hand; see how long you can keep the balloon off the floor or have multiple balloons in play.
-Balloons work great indoors but if you decide to take the game outside, try using a ping-pong ball or other lightweight ball.

Paddleball Catch Game

1. Cut 2 – 4 ½” circles from pattern paper and punch/cut a hole in the center of each circle the same size as the hole in the CD. Adhere the circles to both sides of a CD using the Glue Glider Pro with High Tac Adhesive.
2. Lightly sand a craft stick, paint a thin coat of acrylic paint and let dry completely.
3. Use the Glue Gun to apply hot glue along 2” – 3” of one end of the craft stick. Immediately press onto CD and hold firm until cool.
4. Using a small drill bit, drill a hole ¼” from the edge of CD on the opposite side of the craft stick. Thread the elastic beading cord through the CD hole. Knot the end near the CD.

5. Use the Glue Gun to apply hot glue around the edge of the cut out center circle and press the ½ egg cup in the center. Hold in place until cool.
6. Drill a small hold in the gumball prize container, knot the elastic cord inside the plastic and partly fill with beads. Again use the Glue Gun to apply a thin line around the edge of one half and press the two halves together to seal.
7. Just like other catch games, swing the ball into the air and try to catch it in the cup!
-If you don’t have a small gumball prize ball, try a 1” - 1 ½” plastic or wooden bead and simple tie the elastic to secure.

Paper Airplane Mobile
Designed by: Jenny Chesnick


Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac
Glue Arts Glue Gun
Extreme Tac Squares
Glue Arts Ribbon Adhesive

Paper, Chipboard & Stickers by Crate Paper

Ribbon by American Crafts & Crate Paper
Floral Wire
Embroidery Hoop
Punch by Fiskars
Paint Dabber by Ranger

Having no little ones myself I enlisted my friend for ideas! She has a young boy and I thought well what could we make together? What is he in to? She said he is obsessed with paper airplanes. So I decided it would be fun to make a mobile with the planes he made after he was done playing with them. So here we go!

1. Paint the inside of your hoop then using ribbon adhesive cover the outside of your hoop with ribbon.

2. Take your airplanes and apply some Perma tac to the insides to keep them together.
3. Using a pencil I wrapped floral wire around to create a corkscrew shape to hang my planes from. I attached the wire with my hot glue gun to the center "flap" of the plane.
4. Once you have all your planes attached to wrap your wire through the hoop and attach to the back with hot glue. Using the same wire create a 4 center in which to hang your mobile from. Run through the hoop and attach with hot glue.
5. To add some fun interest I punched out clouds to hang from the remaining wire from the center and down the sides of the mobile. 

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See you back here tomorrow for more GlueArts Kid Friendly Crafts!


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