Friday, June 3, 2011

GlueArts Crafts for Kids Day Four!!

Summertime is fun.

No homework, sleeping in late, outdoor play dates, bbq's, watermelon (my daughter's fave!) and more.

Summertime is also frustrating for parents, grandparents and child providers as many a time the words...I'm bored can be heard.

GlueArts is here to help you combat summer boredom and get your kids crafting too! Designer Lesley Langdon has another one of her wonderful videos to share with you today to show how to make sweet cards for an end of the year teacher gift! And Ania Lexander has the perfect solution for kids to help make a way to keep their hair clips and more organized using GlueArts adhesives!

Apple Card Set for Teacher

Designed by: Lesley Langdon

Designer Intro:
My kids love making their teachers something for the end of year or for Christmas, and these cards are very easy to make and so very practical for teachers. They will surely use them as thank you cards, or note cards to friends and family. You can also print FROM THE DESK OF.... on each card to customize them! 

Hair-clip Organizer
Designed by: Ania Lexander


Glue Arts:
hot glue gun
glue glider pro - high tac
ribbon adhesive
U cut it 3d foam

Empty flat-ish box (mine is an empty bind-it-all zutter container)
Papers, ribbons and embellishments from Crate Paper

This is a great idea to spice up a cute gift for any little princess: buy a few boxes of cheap hairclips and attach them to this selfmade clip-container and gift it to a lucky girl you know.

Grab a flat-ish container.
Measure and precut your paperstrips.
Attach the inner pages with your glue glider. I used high tac, but permatac would work just as well.

Add embellishments to the bottom and inner sides of the box. For this I used a mix of U cut it 3d foam and the chipboards own adhesive to mix the dimensions up.
Time to add the ribbons. Cut a generous length and apply ribbon adhesive (use a bonefolder to burnish the ribbon adhesive to the ribbon before removing the protection film, it makes it so much easier smile.gif ) to the first part that's in contact with the box. Leave the ends loose.
Apply hot glue to the ends. This, in combination with the ribbon adhesive already used on the earlier part of the ribbons, will make the ribbons really stick to the box.
Adhere the outer pages now.
Finish by punching two holes on the top of the box so you can thread ribbons around it so it can be hung on the wall.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

GlueArts would like to help your summer fun and give you a chance to win some of our must have GlueArts Kid Friendly Adhesives!! 

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See you back here tomorrow for more GlueArts Kid Friendly Crafts!


  1. So cute! I'm not going to be making anything for teachers any more this school year but next... oh yeah! :)

  2. Cute!! TFS!

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  3. VERY cute projects for those special teachers!! I will put this in my data banks for next years' teachers!! This year, we're already out of school!

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  8. Absolutely LOVE the 'Apple Card Teacher Set' - how elegant & beautifully themed is that?!?! I'm going to make them for sure. All school year long I chose cute little paper-craft projects for my children's teachers and then sit down with my kids to make them together - the teachers appreciate it so much!

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    Carol B

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    Thank you for your fun site & the chance to eneter to win.

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