Thursday, May 5, 2011

Joy Beyond Words....




Adhesive {GlueArts of course!}


These are the items that keep us together...hold us to our family and lives.

"This I know: the act of getting my hands, heart and soul into making & inventing something brings great pleasure. Where there was once a neatly folded flat piece of cloth, suddenly there is a dimensional garment. In spite of setbacks (buttonholes gone bad, unintended puckers, 2 left sleeves.......), I return to the studio with passion and hope. Some days the act of stitching something together, smoothing out wrinkles, shaping an edge, tweaking a pattern, screening in a bit of color, all add together to make a feeling of joy that is almost beyond words. " Marcy Tilton

Today's projects are made of fabric, photos, thread, adhesive and both are beautiful ways to show your love. Whether you make it and keep it for yourself {yes that's allowed} or share with someone special!! Designers Ania Lexander and Grace Tolman capture joy beyond words...

A Mantelpiece-booklet

Designer: Anne Jo Lexander

This is an extra sturdy "card" which can be placed upon your bookshelf, or mantelpiece, as it can be displayed opened to show the images inside this booklet.

Size: 5x5,5"

GlueArts Supplies:

GlueGlider Pro - extreme cartdridge, Mini Adhesive Squares, Extreme Adhesive Squares, U Cut It 3d foam adhesive, 3d Raisen's

Other: Cardboard, patterned paper (Pink Paislee - 365 degrees), Martha Stewart Double Loops Punch set and butterfly punch, Maya Road tags, ribbon and fabric flowers, chalk glimmer mist, Fancy Pants Designs rub-ons, heartshaped doily, eyelets, patterned scissors, corner rounder, crop-a-dile

Gather your supplies - including photos and 2x pieces of cardboard (mine is cut from a shipping box). As my photos were approx 2x3", I thought 5x5.5" cardboards would be perfect for my purpose.
I used the Extreme cartdridge for pretty much almost everything on this booklet. Cut the patterned paper a bit larger than your cardboards, add like at least 1,5" all around.
Cut the corners like this - a bit above the actual corner.
I like to add adhesive to both the patterned paper and the cardboard.
This will be the inner pages of your booklet. Repeat for the other piece of cardboard.
I decided my inner pages would be quite simple-looking - one background, images + tags with the kids names on.
And I decided the kids would get to write their names, mistakes and all..;p
I used my crop-a-dile to punch holes on each side like this.
And added some adhesive to the eyelets before pushing them into the holes..
As for the cover, I wanted the tag to stand out some, but not too much. The 3d Raisen's were perfect for my purpose - a bit dimensionable but not as thick as the 3d U-cut-its.
The fabric-flowers were attached using the extreme adhesive squares..
And the tag for the back-cover was attached using 3d u-cut-its.

Finally, thread the ribbon through the holes, hold the booklet opened when tying so you know you don't have the ribbons tied too tight.

Notions Sewing Jar
Designer: Grace Tolman

Glue Arts Glue gun
Glue Arts High tac
Glue Arts Extreme Squares
Ribbon- American Crafts
Pattern papers- Green Stack, Die Cuts with a View
Letter stickers- KI Memories
Cardstock- Bazzill
Heart die cut- Cricut, Provo Craft
Fabrics- Source unknown
Sewing notions- Singer
Others- fiber filling, Jar and Cardboard

1. Gather your supplies.

2. Trace the lid of the jar onto cardboard and then cut out the shape. 
3. Bunch up some fiber filling and glue gun onto cardboard. 

4. Cut out fabric that is 3 times bigger than the circle cardboard. Wrap the fabric around the fiber filling and cardboard. 
5. Cut out another piece from fabric that is ½” bigger than the lid. Use pinking shears to cut out the shape to give it a design and also, the zigzag edges will keep it from fraying too much. Adhere onto the top of the lid with a glue gun.
6. Adhere a strip of ribbon onto the lid. 

7. Cut out a piece from pattern paper that will fit into the inside of the lid and glue gun to the lid. This will give hide all of your glue and give it a finished look.
8. Next, adhere the homemade pin cushion on top of the jar lid. Let it dry compeletely.
9. Cut out two pieces of circles from red cardstock that’s the same size. Adhere onto blue cardstock and trim the blue cardstock with scallop scissors.
10. Adhere these circles with Extreme Adhesive Squares onto the jar. 
11. Add some letter stickers. 
12. I added a heart die cut to the back side of the jar and placed my initials on it. I also added a pen framing inside the heart die cut. 
13. Then add your goodies inside the jar and placed pins on the pin cushion.

We'd like to help you with a little joy! Simply leave us a comment today! We'll select a random winner next Monday who will send a box full of joy too!

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