Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remember Me...Remember You!!

When we stop and think about why we craft or scrapbook the answer is often to preserve our family memories.

To save special moments.

Often it is discussed how we the crafters and memory keepers need to stop and create something about us. About the people and person who is crafting those special projects and making the family scrapbooks.

Today's projects are once again breathtaking!! Designer Lesley Langdon showcases how you can take a vintage book (or perhaps one gathering dust on your bookshelf) and transform it into a true work of art! And Designer Patti Milazzo has another one of her gorgeous cards to share that is pretty enough to frame!

"Remember Me" 

Designer: Lesley Langdon

Designer Intro:
I remember seeing one of these books in real life at a stamp shop, and always thought that I would make one someday. I bought a 25 cent book about a year ago, and in the midst of shuffling between craft rooms, there is appeared. Crate Paper's beautiful Restoration Line seemed perfect for this type of project, so it was decided. My very first pages of a RESTORED book, bringing like to something that was tired and used. I pulled out paint, spritz, and melted bees wax to make it all come together. The photo is from Darkroom Door, and I have NO idea who this woman is, but it made me think of who she might have been and what she was remembered for. How do I want to be remembered?

Glue Arts Adhesive Squares
Glue Arts Glue Gun
Glue Arts U-Cut-It Foam
Patterned Paper, Stickers, and Chipboard: Crate Paper (Restoration)
Paint: Shimmerz (Jilted Jade, Peas Be Mine, Spiced Cider)
Mist: Shimmerz Spritz (Treasured Hymn, Sea Foam)
Photochip: Darkroom Door
Crocheted Lace: May Arts
Wired Ribbon: May Arts
Rub-ons: Basic Grey
Other: Melted Bees Wax (, Mod Podge, Exacto Knife, 7 Gypsies Melting Pot and Reinforcer, Ranger Cut n' Dry Foam, Shipping Tag, Tim Holtz Hinge Clip, Krylon Golf Leafing Pen, Silhouette Die Cut Machine

1. Take old book and glue together a chunk of pages, or use tape to bind them.
2. With exacto knife, cut out square/rectangle.
3. Spray pages with spritz and add paint.
4. Adhere Crate Paper with Mod Podge.
5. Spray and paint tag, add paper flower with Glue Arts U-Cut-It foam, and add ribbon using the Glue Arts Glue Gun. Adhere to page with Glue Arts Adhesive Squares.
6. Embellish pages by adding Crate Paper Restoration stickers and chipboard pieces. Add paint to edges.
7. Pour and spread melted bees wax over pages, here and there.
8. As a final touch, go over the pages with a gold leafing pen, highlighting the creases and edges of chipboard pieces.

Hello Card
Designer: Patti Milazzo

Glue Arts:
Glue Glider Pro with
1/4 High Tac Cartridge Refill - Pro
Adhesive Squares
3D Combo Pac – U Cut It
Restoration – Ruffles, Doilies, Fringe, Flea Market, Lace, Refinish and Slipcover pattern papers
Restoration Borders Stickers; Restoration Phrase Stickers and Restoration Chipboard Accents
Other: glitter glue and crackle accent medium

1. Cut a piece of 5” x 7” piece of kraft cardstock to use as a foundation.
2. Cut a 3” and a 4” piece of Refinish pattern paper; using the Glue Glider Pro and High Tac Cartridge, adhere these pieces to the top and bottom of the cardstock with the dot side facing up on the bottom.
3. Cut a 4” circle from the pink pattern paper; machine stitch around it and adhere to the top portion of the card.
4. Apply the Border Sticker just below the line of the two patterns.
5. Cut out the scallop design pattern paper and adhere that above the Border Sticker.
6. Cut out 2 – cards and adhere to the upper right portion of the card.
7. Cut a strip of purple pattern paper; pleat it partially and apply the High Tac Adhesive to adhere it across the center of the card; then machine stitch across.
8. Cut out flowers, leaves and domino from pattern paper and adhere to card using Adhesive Squares. Punch out heart and tuck that in front of the domino.

9. Add Windmill Chipboard piece and Tea Phrase sticker as well.
10. Cut a 3” strip of orange pattern paper and adhere ½ inch above the bottom on the left of the card.
11. Using the U-Cut-It Foam Adhesive, cut pieces to fit behind the Phrase Sticker and adhere to the strip. Attach 2 mini brads.
12. Apply the Chipboard Accent photo corner to end of orange paper strip.

13. Accent flowers, cut out shapes, and chipboard with glitter glue/crackle accent medium and let dry to complete.

So tell us today...why do you craft or scrapbook? We would love to hear and for leaving us a comment we'll enter you to win some of this beautiful Crate Paper Restoration line along with our Glue Arts must have adhesives to make these projects!

Last before we go for today...we want to share another card from Designer Danielle Flanders! 

How sweet is it that she stitched hearts together and then tucked those inside the card??!!

We look forward to hearing why you craft!!

See you tomorrow!   


  1. Awesome projects. I love getting to make my photos stand out with gorgeous papers and the journaling to help me remember all the fun!

  2. Why do I craft or scrapbook? First it provides a way for me to feel that I can capture this exact moment in time to remember forever. Second, it is an outlet that is necessary sometimes. The world is so fast paced and this is an opportunity to slow down and do something that I love! I adore the projects today! Thank you!

  3. Everything is absolutely gorgeous.

    I craft so my daughter, nieces and nephews have something to remember their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. It makes me feel good to know that they will be albe to look back in years to come and remember things.

  4. I love documenting my family's everyday life. It's important to me to write it all down.

  5. I craft because my fav kid activity was going to Mama Dot's (my grandmother) for the summer and looking through her "picture books". Se was one of the original scrappers! Close second was cooking and baking with her! I want to have a wall of "picture books" of mine to share with generations to come!

  6. I scrapbook to record my family's memories (because my memory is not so great- and I fear that when I get older I won't remember many of the funny and heartwarming details of our daily lives). I also scrapbook and create cards simply because it's fun and it's a creative outlet.

  7. Amazing projects. I love all the inspiration!

  8. I scrapbook and craft as therapy for the soul. When we are in crafting mode we go to a place that makes us reflect or just relax and enjoy life.

  9. I love Danielle's card! So pretty! I craft so that other people can receive home made cards in the mail. It's nice to receive something besides a bill!

  10. What a great altered book! I've been wanting to do one of these myself, but never have. Maybe now I'll try! Love the card too! Thanks for the projects today!!

  11. Love the way that altered book was done. I have always wanted to try to make one. Hopefully this inspiration will help me to get started. I love to scrapbook so that I might be able to leave a journal of our life for our children.

  12. I think that the altered book and the card are very beautiful! I think that I have always loved to make things. I started making cards many years ago and then found that the scrapbooking stores had so many beautiful products that I could use for my card projects. I like to see the happiness on someone's face when they receive something that I have made just for them..with much love. I recently started scrapbooking and have found that by making mini scrapbooks it lets me use my imagination to create something beautiful from
    photos and memories. Thanks for the projects today Glue Arts!

  13. Once again I have to say it... Glue Arts has the most creative people on their DT! Love todays projects. I quilt,make cards and alter items because I can give a little of me back to those people in my life whom I love and have touched me in some way. I love giving my creations to others.

  14. These are some very fine projects. loved them!!

    I love making cards because of the happiness they spread!! And when you receive something handmade it always holds sweet memories which you can look back to anytime :)

  15. Crafting is my therapy. I don't think it is much cheaper then medical therapy...especially since the other kind would be covered by insurance, but I like crafting much So, I craft so I can stay sane.

  16. I mostly scrapbook and make mixed media art.

  17. Cute hello card!
    I scrapbook because I love my photos and I love doing crafty things so this combines things I love.
    I make cards because I like giving homemade cards and I like doing craft projects.
    I just need to take more time to do both of these.

  18. Bookmarked Danielle's card awhile back from her blog--thought it was PRECIOUS:) Love that altered book/page!!

    Thanks for sharing:)

    I craft because I like to make the one I'm giving it to (or whoever gets it after it is bought) smile. I want them to feel "loved and special". Lately, my goal has been to be published. I should reverse those again--making my goal to make people feel good.

  19. OOH, I really love Danielle's card!

    I craft (mainly scrapbooks) to make myself feel a little creative and to preserve memories!

  20. I scrap so my kids will be able to help jog my kids memories when they get old. I hope it reminds them or places we've been and things they've done.

  21. Amazing projects once again.
    I scrapbook both for myself & for future generations. It's a fun creative way to preserve information about family memebers and friends.

  22. I craft, because I love beautiful paper. I can
    use it in any form I want, and I have a million
    designs to choose from. Scrapbooking my family
    pictures or making cards are my favorite things to do, but I will make anything I see I like. What vibrant colors we can pick!!!


  23. More awesome projects! Thank you!I scrapbook and make cards because I enjoy being creative and I also want to preserve memories.

  24. I scrapbook to preserve memories for my kids as well as for others to see who weren't there but also to have a way to display photos that actually looks nice and isn't too boring to hand to someone. I also like to preserve cute little stories so I don't forget them.

  25. It's fun, it's satisfying, I like to recycle materials and give them a new life, it's mental exercise (problem solving), it's economical if you avoid buying greeting cards.

  26. I craft and scrapbook because it is fun and is a great stress reliever. I love to escape to my scrap room and create a card, a layout, an altered item, or a gift for a friend or a family member. Thanks for a chance to win!

  27. Fabulous! I craft because it feeds my soul to be creative!

    Carol B

  28. It started out as a way to preserve our memories but now for me, more than anything, it is just a way I can de-stress and relax. I love being able to just sit and create.

  29. Gorgeous projects! First off I scrapbook because I love it! Secondly, I scrapbook for my two baby girls, so when they're older they can look back on their childhood and remember all the beautiful memories. Thanks for the giveaway - so generous!!!

  30. What a great project. I love to scrap my children's life as I remember them so that they can share with their families in years to come.

  31. Wonderful projects!! I scrapbook for many reasons:it´s a relaxing therapy,i love photos,and it´s a perfect gift!

  32. I craft because it's something I can do without stressing out. I can do things the way I want without having to worry about disappointing anyone if the results aren't perfect. :) It's nice to have something relaxed like that.

  33. Bonjour,
    Je veux vous laisser un petit mot en français pour vous dire que votre blog est magnifique et bourré d'idées. Je n'ai pas besoin de comprendre l'anglais car vos explications sont très explicites. J'habite en Nouvelle-Calédonie et c'est un pur bonheur pour moi de me balader chez vous. Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation.

  34. I scrap, craft, card make, to make life more enjoyable, being handicapped at home, I was going stir crazy, so I started scrapbooking and then stamping and now I do it to relax, pass time and preserve our family history, I did Genealogy for 30 plus years, so I have a lot of research and photos to put together. So I guess you would say I do it for piece of mind and I love sending my cards to nursing homes and also contribute to OWH for our soldiers overseas. But finances do get limited so I do what I can.

    Thanks for your great products that help me to do all this!!

  35. These projects are very different and the first one is especially unusual but it has a great look and feel to it.
    I mainly make cards for family and friends to treasure as I always make something that resembles something they love. I have only ever scrapped for others and they have been either wedding or heritage books, so for me it is always about a piece of history in some way or another.
    Kim xXx

  36. It is fun and relaxing to craft. I like using my creativity and making memories of the photos. Telling the story is great too. I love crafting for a lot of different reasons. Thanks for a chance to win.

  37. I love to craft but having something you love to show for it and then share it with others, is my great motivator. Scrapbooking my family photos gives years of pleasure to everyone.

  38. I love to scrapbook and craft besacue it perserves my memories. i have always enjoyed photography and crafting so it is the perfect marriage of my 2 hobbies.

  39. Wow! These two projects are amazing! I love that book--I may have to try that..and the card is superb! Thanks for more great ideas!

  40. I scrapbook to have some creative "alone" time, to preserve my family's memories and to leave a part of myself behind for my family to remember me by. Love these projects!

  41. Love that book, neat idea! Beautiful card! I have always been 'crafty' and I am very sentimental, both of which fit nicely with scrapping! I always saved cards I received, even store bought ones so I enjoy making them for people to enjoy. I love scrapping and preserving my family's memories!

  42. What absolutely beautiful projects! Your designers totally rock!!

  43. Great ideas!
    I craft because it is a great stress reliever to have a fun hobby that you enjoy.

  44. I make cards because it's fun, people like to know you care for them so much that you'll take the time to make their card, and it's a stress reliever. It surely isn't to save money on cards!!

  45. Great projects! I love to scrapbook because it's like therapy for me. It relieves lots of stress, I spend more time with my family and I've met so many great people through this hobby.:)

  46. The hearts on the string are definitely my favorite!
    Although I am a graphic designer by trade, when I papercraft it is a personal expression mostly for me, and it's just fun.

  47. Scrapping is my way to express my creative side and my favorite way to relax. Besides, if I didn't do it, then I would have to stop buying craft supplies!

  48. I scrapbook because with so many stressors in the world today in our everyday life, scrapbooking allows me to simply be relaxed and allow my creative joices to take over. For me, like so many others, I love the look on peoples faces when you give them a girt i created with love for someone special.