Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Sew Bookmark & ScrapFest

Did you know?

September is National Sewing Month!

Time to pick up your needle and thread....

Dust off your sewing machine...

Pick out some fabrics and a fun project and get busy creating!

Designer Patti Milazzo's project is perfect for those that would like to sew but perhaps are a bit intimidated by a sewing machine. She took the worry right out for you with her no sew bookmark!

No Sew Fabric Bookmark
Designer: Patti Milazzo


Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond Adhesive
Extreme Adhesive Squares
Fabric scraps
5” of coordinated ribbon
button and embroidery thread

I’m an avid reader and love having a fun bookmark to add to my collection. This no-sew bookmark has the look of a sewn project but is made instead with Glue Arts new Fabric Bond Adhesive. With a few fabric scraps and an iron, this bookmark can be made in a snap for yourself or as a gift.

To start, I cut 2 – 8.5” x 3.5” pieces of green fabric. This will be the body of the bookmark. To the back of each piece, I ironed on a very lightweight interfacing that was .25 inches smaller on all sides. This is optional, of course, but the interfacing will give the fabric of the bookmark a little more body and keep it from being too floppy. Once that was done, I set them both aside.

Next, I cut a 4.5” x 3.5” wide piece of striped fabric with the strips running vertically. I turned it face down and applied the Fabric Bond to the top and bottom edges. Be sure to press down and slowly glide the Glue Glider Pro with the Fabric Bond cartridge to ensure that the adhesive is applied evenly. I then took the bottom edge and folded it up to the center and did the same with the top edge, folding it down so that both edges met in the middle. I’d like to note that at this point in many sewing projects, this would be a time where I might need to begin pinning things in place before ironing or stitching. What I love about the Fabric Bond adhesive is that no pinning is required. I can place pieces of the project down and they will stay. And this also means less pain for my fingertips when that occasional pin gets in the way! To make the bond permanent, I pressed an iron briefly to the striped fabric piece and let it cool.

For the ruffle, I cut a 8” long x 2” strip of brown dot fabric, applied the Fabric Bond adhesive to one edge and folded it in half, giving me an 8” x 1” strip. I applied more Fabric Bond to the length of the raw edge and pleated it to fit the 3.5” width and pressed it firmly to the bottom back edge of the striped fabric. I again applied the iron to this to firmly adhere the ruffle to the back of the striped fabric.

Once the above piece is cool, I applied more Fabric Bond to the back of the entire piece and pressed it firmly to one of the bookmark fabric pieces and pressed it briefly with the iron.

To the other bookmark piece of fabric, I applied the Fabric Bond adhesive around the edges of the front of the fabric. I left a 2” opening at the bottom to later turn out the project.

I placed a folded ribbon to the top of the bookmark with the raw edges of the ribbon along the raw edges at the top of the bookmark. I layered the two pieces together with right sides facing each other and pressed down along the edges. I applied the iron around the edges of the bookmark and let it cool. Lastly, I trimmed off a small triangle from each corner of the bookmark. This will make neater corners when it’s turned out.

Next, I turned out the bookmark through the opening at the bottom. I used a stuffing tool to push out the corners as much as possible. I folded in the open edges at the bottom where the bookmark was turned out and pressed them flat. I applied a bit more Fabric Bond there and pressed flat the entire bookmark.
To make the yo-yo flower, I cut a 4” diameter circle from the brown dot fabric and then folded down a small amount around the edge of the circle and stitched by hand all the way around. At the end I pulled tight to gather the fabric and tied a knot. Again, I applied a little bit of Fabric Bond to the back of the yo-yo and placed it on the bookmark. I turned it over and applied the iron briefly to bond it permanently.

I applied the Extreme Adhesive Squares to the back of the pink button and attached it to the center of the flower. And that’s it! A fabric bookmark with virtually no sewing involved.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! As it’s been mentioned, September is National Sewing Month. But whether you consider yourself skilled at sewing or not, there’s a multitude of projects you can create with Glue Arts Fabric Bond Adhesive and a little imagination. So give it a whirl and see what you can create!


Are you headed there? Signed up to take classes, or participate in the crops? Or just going for all the fun Make n Takes? We'd love to meet you!! Our resident "Glue Girl" will be there, walking the floor, giving out samples and goodies and she's anxious to meet all of you....our Glue Arts fans.

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We look forward to seeing everyone at ScrapFest and will have a full report from our Glue Girl that we will share on our blog!!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a cute project, just love a fabric bookmark. :-)

  2. Such a great project - I love the tutorial as well!

  3. Cool project! I love bookmarks and hate to sew--so this is perfect! :-)

  4. really cute project, i should make one of these for my mom! her birthday is coming up and she loves to read!

  5. who will the glue girl be walking around at scrapfest? I will be there!

  6. Great project! Wish I were going to Scrapfest... maybe next year!

  7. That project looks so cool and do-able for me, thanks for posting all the instructions, I am definitely gonna give it a whirl.

  8. What a great idea for using the Fabric Bond...Terrific project, Patti

  9. so wanted to do scrapfest, but got a miserable cold and didn't want to share it with all my friends. I'm selfish that way! Sorry I missed it, but I'm still sick and can't wait to feel better :( Looks like everybody had a great time.

  10. That bookmark is so cool! love the fabric and the ruffles...and the idea of the flower! so creative! thanks for the idea!