Monday, September 27, 2010

National Sewing Month

September is designated National Sewing Month.

Quite possibly for many that word....sewing brings to mind cold sweats, bobbins wound wrong, broken needles and yes...the dreaded turning on of your machine.

However it does not have to be that way and sewing can be as easy or as complicated as you chose. For many of us...simple, easy, fun sewing crafts are just the ticket!!

Glue Arts has the perfect product to make that sewing project go just a bit easier...our new Fabric Bond adhesive cartridge works right in your current Glue Glider Pro and makes sewing a snap! {ha...a snap! sewing..buttons...oh you get it!}

Glue Girls Jessica Barnett  and Patti Milazzo have some absolutely adorable sewing projects that we are positive will make you give your sewing machine and our Glue Glider Pro Fabric Bond cartridge....a new appreciation!!

Cosmo Cricket Scraproom D├ęcor 

Designer: Jessica Barnett


Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond and Perma Tac refills
Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares
Three patterns of Cosmo Cricket fabric in pieces that are about 2 by 8 inches each (per frame)
Scrap of muslin that is cut to 6 by 8 inches (per frame)
Assorted paper, fabric and felt flowers
Decorative pin
Paper leaves
Flourishes and buttons
Embroidery floss and needle
Staple gun
Computer, Printer and word processing or photo editing program
Edge Distresser
Grey or black ink
White or cream cardstock
8x10 inch frame with mat opening cut to 5x7 inches

1. To get the frayed edges on the fabric strips, tear them instead of cutting them to their 2 by 8 inch size. Just snip a small slit in the edge of the fabric and tear the rest of the way.
2. Lay the fabrics over the muslin piece and tack in place using the Glue Arts Fabric Bond refill in the Glue Glider pro. Once the pieces are where you want them, iron them in place following package directions.
3. Type your quote or sentiment out using your word processing or photo editing program and print onto cardstock. Trim cardstock and distress and ink edges. Attach card to fabric using Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares.
4. Center fabric and sentiment inside mat opening and attach to mat using Glue Glider Pro and Perma Tac cartridge. Close frame.
5. On outside of glass, attach flowers to the glass around the fabric and sentiment using Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares. Layer other flowers together with buttons and pin and attach layers to each other and to the glass with the Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares.
6. Attach ribbon for hanging frame to back of frame using staple gun and hang from small, removable hanger. The bow in the ribbon will help hide the hanger.

A Mini Needle Book and Pin Cushion Storage Jar 
Designer: Patti Milazzo
Glue Arts supply list: 

Glue Glider Pro 
FabricBond Cartridge Refill- Pro
Extreme Adhesive Squares
Extreme Micro Squares

Other: Cosmo Cricket Fabric – Material Girl; Cosmo Cricket Pattern Paper, Tiny Type Alpha and Buttons – Material Girl; Chipboard; 5” - 3/8” wide white twill; white felt; trim; small glass jar with flat lid.

Needle Book Instructions:
1. Cut 2 – 3.5 inch squares of chipboard.
2. Cut 8” x 4” piece of lightweight batting.
3. Cut 6” x 10” piece of green fabric.
4. Layer fabric then batting and then chipboard on top. Allow 1/4 “ space between the two squares. Later, you’ll need to sew through this space.
5. Use the Glue Glider Pro to apply Fabric Bond around the edges of each chipboard square.
6. Hold down chipboard as you pull fabric up and over to cover edges of the chipboard. The Fabric Bond will help hold the fabric in place as you work around each side. Then lightly iron the fabric to bond the fabric to the chipboard.
7. Cut a 5” piece of twill or ribbon and make a loop. Apply Fabric Bond to the right side of the open book and position the twill loop so that it will reach around to the front of the book when it is closed. Apply extra Fabric Bond around the twill for reinforcement.
8. Cut another piece of green fabric to 8.5” x 4.5”, fold down edges and press. Apply Fabric Bond to wrong side and place this piece over the exposed chipboard to cover the inside completely, including the ends of the twill loop. Again, apply the iron to bond the fabric.
9. Cut 2 – 3” x 6” piece of felt for the inside pages. Center them inside and machine stitch down the center of the book to bind the pages to the book.
10. Fold the book closed and determine where to attach the button. Sew on with needle and thread.
11. Cut piece of pattern paper with pinking scissors to fit the cover of the needle book, machine or hand stitch the paper, apply Fabric Bond to the back of the paper, place on the front cover and press iron to bond the paper to the fabric.
12. To create the Posey flower, sandwich Fabric Bond between 3” squares of fabric and iron to bond fabric pieces together. Trace a 2” and 2.5” circles, machine stitch several times around the circles, then cut out around the circles. Use the same technique with the leaf.
13. Use the Extreme Adhesive Squares to layer and attach the flower and leaf as well as the button embellishment for the Posey.
14. Embellish with alpha and word stickers to complete.
15. Fill the book with sewing needles and buttons for convenient and safe storage when you’re on the go.

Pin Cushion Jar Instructions:
1. Find a small jar with a flat lid and cut a circle from chipboard with the same diameter. My jar was 2.5” diameter.
2. For this size jar, I cut a 4.5” circle from the peach fabric. I also cut a 4” circle from a light weight batting.
3. I then made a running stitch around the edge of the fabric circle with the batting still inside. Once I stitched all the way around, I pulled the thread to cinch the circle part way closed. I added polyfil and placed the chipboard circle inside before cinching the fabric closed all the way and finished with a knot.
4. I then applied the Extreme Adhesive Squares to the bottom of the chipboard circle and pressed it to the top of the lid.
5. I cut ribbon to wrap around the side of the lid and again used the Extreme Adhesive Squares to keep it in place.
6. With the Extreme Micro Squares, I stretch these out to very thin lines and applied it to the top of the ribbon where I then pressed on the crocheted trim.
7. I attached the buttons to the top of the pin cushion also with the Extreme Adhesive Squares.
8. The Pin Cushion Jar is now ready to be used and filled with the small sewing odds and ends you may need while working on your sewing project.

Sand Toy Bag 
Designer: Jessica Barnett


Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond refill
Two pieces of Cosmo Cricket fabric that are 4 by 16 inches wide
Two 5” squares of muslin
One 4” square of coordinating Cosmo Cricket fabric
One 3.5” circle of muslin cut with pinking shears
Two pieces of netting cut to 15 by 35 inches
Letter stamp
Wave stamp
Acrylic block
Red and blue solvent ink pads
Sewing Machine
Serger (optional)
Iron and ironing board
2 yards white cord/rope
Fray stopper for end of cord
1. Layer the two pieces of netting together and pin. Fold the piece in half and sew along the two long sides to make the main part of the bag. If you have a serger, serge the edges.
2. Press in ¼ inch on all sides of the strips of fabric. Use the ruler to check the pressed edge and keep it even. Press in another inch on each of the short ends. Press the strips in half lengthwise.
3. With the strip opened back up, sew the one inch seams on the two short sides of the fabric. Lay the folded strips along the open edges of the bag and pin in place. Sew along the edges of the strip over the pressed edges and through the netting, leaving the short ends of the strips open so the rope can be fed through.
4. Run a line of Glue Arts Fabric Bond adhesive around the edge of one of the muslin squares. Place the square without the adhesive inside the bag near the bottom right hand corner and lay the square with the adhesive on top of it on the outside. Use the iron to set the adhesive according to package directions. Run a line of Fabric Bond around the edge of the coordinating fabric square and lay over the muslin squares. Use the iron to set the adhesive.
5. Use the solvent inks to stamp the letter and waves on the muslin circle. Run the Fabric Bond adhesive around the backside of the circle and attach to the center of the patterned fabric square. Iron to set the adhesive.
6. Run the rope through the top of the bag and tie the ends in a knot. Coat the ends of the rope with fray stopper liquid and allow to dry.

Thanks Jessica and Patti...these were fantastic projects...and we're betting there's going to be a run on those beach bags and supplies for pin cushions!!

And thanks to all of your our Glue Arts fans for joining us last week for our Instyle Stamp week! We can tell by your comments that you enjoyed the week and appreciated the step by step instructions. Our goal at the Glue Arts blog is to provide you not only with the projects but the information and instructions that you too can make what we have shared.

So let's get onto the good stuff....the winner of last week's prize package is:

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

SO CUTE--all three of these cards! I LOVE that second card because of all the white space--but those lanterns are fun too! Great job:) Thanks for the chance to win!
I have been wanting one of these glue guns badly! I see them in use all of the time on the blogs and videos that I watch. I sure could use it for all the Christmas gifts I am making this year.
Theresa99 :)

Congrats to both Savannah AND Theresa!! Please email us at with your contact information and we'll get that fun prize package out to you both.

Now for this week with our focus on National Sewing month for these last few days of September...let's do this. 

Leave us a comment today Wednesday...and we'll pull a winner in Friday receive our new Fabric Bond cartridge, a Glue Glider Pro..because you have to have the Pro!! And some of our ribbon adhesive! 

Sound good?!! And by the way...thanks for being a fan!!   


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