Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Fabric Flower Aprons

The Earth laughs in flowers....
Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no flower prettier than one made with Glue Arts new Fabric Bond.

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.
Claude Monet

One of these quotes may not be found on the internet when you search for quotes about flowers...but it is now!lol Glue Arts new release of our Fabric Bond adhesive makes even those most unpoetic person feel like spouting a prose or two. And seeing these sweet aprons and flowers made by designer Jessica Barnett we think will inspire you to create something equally creative and beautiful to look at!

Flower Apron Project
Designer: Jessica Barnett

Supplies needed:

Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro and Fabric Bond adhesive refill
Alterable Apron (or black fabric, sewing machine and apron pattern)
Black thread
Three colors of fat quarters or fabric scraps for flowers and leaves
Large buttons or flower centers
Sequin trim

1. If you are making your own apron, follow the pattern instructions and sew it first.
2. The flower accents were made using this tutorial and five petals instead of six. The large flower was made using six inch squares, and the small flowers were made using five inch squares. The leaves were made using one six inch square each.
3. Using the Glue Glider Pro and fabric adhesive, attach the trim to the apron and iron on.
4. Use the Glue Glider Pro and fabric adhesive to attach the flowers and leaves to a bottom corner of the apron.
5. Use the needle and black thread to attach the flower centers or buttons to the apron.

To help you with all your creating and allow you to make this sweet project....leave us a comment today! Tell us...what is your favorite flower, favorite Glue Arts adhesive or what you would like to make! We'll send out a winner a Glue Glider Pro, our new Fabric Bond adhesive AND our some of our new Extreme Adhesive too!

We'll post a winner on Friday so be sure to leave a comment!  


  1. So cute! I love the green and blue one!

  2. My favorite flower is the Hibiscus and favorite Glue Arts Adhesive is the Glue Glider Pro. Love the aprons!

  3. Love the apron.. my favorite flower is lily-of-the-valley . oh these would look great on a lot of projects, pillows, etc..
    thanks for sharing..

  4. My favorite flower is carnation just love them...I am such a fan of glue arts! I still think I should make a infomercial for you.
    Is there anything you can't use glue arts for?

  5. My favoite flower is Gerbera Daisies. I am a huge fan of glue arts. I love my permatac and the ribbon adhesive.

  6. Super cute!! I ♥ aprons and would totally make one of these if I won. =)

  7. I love my glue glider pro and really, really want to try this. So creative!

  8. This too cute! Right now, I'm loving all of the handmade fabric flowers! I love the glue glider pro and would absolutely love to win one try out the new adhesives too!

  9. too stinking cute! I want to make one for Halloween with spiders on it
    Favorite flower is lilacs & love my ggp

  10. The apron is beautiful! I have fabric and pattern to make a beautiful apron and I would love to use the fabric bond on that apron!


  11. My favorite flower is the rose. I love roses: paper, fabric, or real. I only just recently purchased the Glue Glider Pro.

  12. My favorite flower is the Zinnia because they are so colorful and so easy to grow.

    Carol B

  13. Love the aprons!
    My favorite flower is a sweet pea. Such gorgeous colors, and they smell divine!

  14. My favorite flower is the purple iris!! Just love the shape, the combination of purple and blue and white...everything about them!
    I have been wanting a Glue Glider Pro for years!

  15. I LOVE this apron idea!!! My favorite flowers are Gerber Daisies... I also love roses and carnations too though... actually, I just love flowers :) I love my GGP and am looking forward to finding this fabric bond refill in stores soon!

  16. My favorite flower is lilacs because they smell so wonderful! I want to make some of these fabric flowers, Jessica did a beautiful job designing them!

  17. Tulips are my favorite flower, but when using on projects for kids and fun I love any type of bright non real flower basic five petal! Love the aprons! They are about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  18. My favorite flower is the rose. I love the smell and look of it. I would love to try your Glu Glider Pro, have not tried it yet, but keep hearing good things about it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  19. Great quotes! And pretty flowers!

  20. What beautiful aprons, my favourite flowers are daffodils & early cheer because they are spring flowers and mean that winter is almost over.

  21. My favorite flowers are lilacs and yellow roses. I love my Glue Glider Pro, and cannot wait to try out your new products.

  22. My favorite flowers are daisies! They are just such a happy flower! The aprons are so adorable! What a great project!

  23. How flippin' cute are those aprons!!??? LOVE them! My favorite flower of them! I love a mixture of flowers..that is my favorite. I am LOVING the fabric bond! ALL kinds of ideas are swimming min my head on what I could do with it! OH the pretties I could make!!!!

  24. I love Orchids, they are like mini works of art! And I am REALLY loving my Glue Glider Max! I used it to make 20 cards for a swap and it made putting them together a snap! Much faster than using a traditional tape runner.

  25. My favorite flower is the Calla Lily and I like the ribbon adhesive. These aprons are too cute!

  26. My favorite flower is the gardenia, love the look of it and its fragrance, too. I also LOVE my Glue Glider Pro so much I turned 3 of my friends on to it! We've each blinged our own out so we won't get them mixed up when we crop!
    MCF's Mimi

  27. My favorite flower is a Gerber Daisy. I love my Glue Glider Pro, High Tac is my adhesive of choice. I can't wait to try the fabric adhesive. Keep the great adhesive coming!!


  28. I love my Glue GliderPro! I use both the High Tack and the PermaTac cartridges. PermaTac is probably my favorite. I mainly make cards. Thanks for the chance to win a prize, too. :D

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  30. I have the Pro on my wish list!

    jlh774 at gmail dot com

  31. I love tulips! Bright yellow ones! cute project, thanks for sharing.

  32. my favourite flower is the gerbera. big, bright and beautiful.